10 Things that have made me happy this week

So here I am, in a (slight) fug of sleep deprivation… actually, our baby boy is actually a pretty ‘good’ sleeper, waking only once or twice in the night to be fed and (so far) then going back to sleep, but still nothing prepares you for the broken sleep once more! HOWEVER, despite feeling occasionally delirious it hasn’t actually been too bad, and I suspect my body has gotten use to lack of sleep over the past 6 years, even if my face has aged 10 now in 3 weeks #sadtimes.

Still, I wouldn’t change it for the world, and despite the suspicion that this lack of sleep isn’t helping my writing ability (I know I will have to proof read this post several times before I hit publish), I feel pretty god damn happy right now with our little guy, and life in general, so I’ll take a bit of tiredness on the chin!

Aside from new baby bliss, here are 10 other things that have made me happy this past week:

  1. The kindness of others. Since having Arlo, we have been overwhelmed with offers of help from other mums, as well as some lovely cards and presents that have been so welcome yet so unexpected. I was convinced no one would care much about baby number 3, but they’ve proven me all wrong.
  2. Sasha did another fantastic gymnastics display at her last class of the school year- she has come on so well and loves it loads.
  3. Both Freddie and Sasha getting brilliant school reports, both in terms of the academic side and the social side, even though Freddie has been set the challenge for next year of not talking quite so much in class and distracting others! We’re so proud of both of them though- Sasha has excelled in reading and writing this year, and Freddie scored 40 out of 40 in his national phonics test, plus they love their school, and you can’t ask for more than that.
  4. Making travel plans. I was lucky enough to score a big piece of work this week, and whilst I’d like some of it to go towards our garden work, I might see if we can set aside some for a family trip somewhere. Travelling and seeing the world is really important to us, and I always get excited booking another adventure in!
  5. Marmalade on buttered toast with tea- the obsession is still going strong.
  6. Making homemade popcorn and getting a weird thrill when it pops on the stove- how have I only recently discovered this?! Plus, it smells delicious!
  7. Being kind to myself. I only have so many hours in the day, the children are on school holidays from Friday, and I have a new baby- I will do what work I can, when I can, and try not to be too hard on myself. Getting stressed and trying to fit in work when the children are around isn’t really fair on them, and is where the madness lies! 
  8. Coffee, coffee and more coffee- how much is too much coffee in one day? Asking for a friend…
  9. New baby snuggles on the sofa, when they fall asleep on your chest- he is our last, and I am SO making the most of it.
  10. Bright lipstick- when your face is tired, sometimes it’s the only thing that can lift it!


What has made you happy this past week? I’d love to hear!


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