Why you should choose Metro Tiles

Tiles make a huge difference to the look and style of your bathroom or kitchen. Without realising it, your tiles are the blank canvas of which you can build your whole aesthetic from. This year there has been a huge increase in popularity of the metro tile. It’s understated appearance gives you a stunning modern look that will make your wall the envy of all that visit.

Metro tiles have been around for years and most of us will recognise them from our everyday lives. Metro tiles came from very humble beginnings when they were used for buildings such as hospitals or prisons thanks to their standard style and their easy to clean properties. Ultimately, the metro tile was for practical use, not for style. Metro tiles acquired their name following their heavy use on the walls of the London Underground in the early 1900s and are still there today as an iconic staple piece of any tube station.

Since their introduction, the metro tile has come in leaps and bounds in terms of its style applications and has recently been experiencing a period of rejuvenation in the interiors world. Their retro look can bring in some vintage glamour to an otherwise bland room. Their continuous development and manufacturing now means that metro tiles are available in such a range of colours you would struggle to find one that isn’t perfect for you and your home. Metro tiles look incredible when paired with other similar industrial feature pieces such as exposed radiators and metallic accessories.

Traditionally, metro tiles are installed horizontally for a classic look helped along by the high gloss finish for a beautiful shine. However, if you want to shake things up a bit you can install them vertically for a stand out look. Similarly, pairing your metro tile with a contrasting grout colour can have a beautiful effect. For example, using a white tile with a black grout will help the tile to pop and add definition to your wall. One of the main reasons metro tiles are so popular is because, as previously mentioned, they are very easy to maintain. Their glossy finish and wider surface area means all they need is wipe down with warm water to retain their shiny look and impeccable hygiene level.

If you like to keep on top of interiors news and trends you will have undoubtedly noticed the chevron trend. 2017 has seen a wave of interest in the chevron style thanks to its stylish pattern. The metro tile looks incredible when installed in a chevron format and will add a sense of fluidity to your wall and is a great way of introducing patterns on a more subtle level leaving you to build an aesthetic with stronger accent colours and furniture pieces.

 The metro tile is a great way of adding some much needed style to a wall in either your bathroom or kitchen. Their simple shape gives a gorgeous geometric finish to give you a truly incredible wall. If you’ve been convinced over the metro tile you can buy them from online retailer Tile Monkey who sell top quality metro tiles as well as all of the accessories such as grout and adhesive.


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