5 Ways to Create a Stylish and Practical Family Bathroom

As a parent trying to juggle the needs of everyone in the family (2 adults and 3 children here now!), I know that the family bathroom needs to be a space that can be a relaxing oasis for adults, but also durable enough to endure the unruliness of toddlers through to when our children become teenagers. When redesigning your new bathroom it’s important to think about the demands needed for usability and resilience.

Style and practicality can be a difficult combination to achieve, especial in a busy family home. From incorporating important safety features for young children, to splashing out on luxurious features for yourself, it’s easier than you think with these simple styling suggestions.

Safety first

Creating a safe bathroom for not only the children, but every generation of the family is very simple. Take time to consider how to create a stylish space that is also designed with safety in mind.

Decorating your bathroom with tiles is a great way to create luxury, as well as being a fantastic waterproof surface that is straightforward to clean. To create the ideal family friendly bathroom, be sure to select specifically designed non-slip floor tiles as you want to avoid slips and falls when the floor is wet.

Another child-friendly solution for a new bathroom is soft close furniture which will also help save your bathroom furniture from wear and tear. Anti-slam features are a great deterrent for kids as you reduce the chances of injury from a closing door or falling seat (this is something we need to add to our bathroom door!).

Create storage

A fully functioning family bathroom needs to have an easy to clean layout and provide plenty of storage to reduce unsightly clutter. Bathroom furniture is a simple way to create a fully furnished room that can hide toiletries and children’s bath toys (the bane of any stylish bathroom’s life!).

Wall mounted furniture can give the illusion of more floor space which is perfect for small bathrooms. Furniture which makes use of the otherwise redundant wall space is also a practical solution for storing medicines out of reach from children. Combining them with floor standing furniture will create an abundant opportunity for storing bathroom essentials. Similarly, a vanity unit is an effective space saving solution as it incorporates storage and a basin. You can even invest in a toilet and sink unit which conveniently hides the toilet cistern whilst also incorporating the toilet into the bathroom furniture.

Invest in a bath

The bath is probably considered the core element to a practical and stylish family bathroom. If you don’t have the room to install a separate bathtub and shower enclosure the best space saving solution is a shower bath.

They are ideal for bathrooms with smaller dimensions as they incorporate both bathing aspects in a single unit. Shower baths are the perfect solution as the P or L shape offers more space for showering and bathing.

Shower baths are a great compromise, acting as a shower and also providing the chance to relax in a full length bath. The bath element is also ideal for families as the tub creates a great place for children to bathe and play. If you find yourself interested in investing in a bath, whether this be a traditional set-up or a shower bath, it would be worth getting in contact with this Minneapolis bathroom remodeling company (or a company offering similar services in your area), to discuss how best to optimize your available space. 

Go digital

A digital shower is a revolutionary system that is remotely controlled by an easy to use device. By going digital with your shower you will improve control over both the water pressure and temperature, perfect for family bathrooms. Digital showers thermostatically blend hot and cold water when powered, preventing any chance of scalding.

A digital shower in the family bathroom can create an inclusive showering experience which is both luxurious and adaptable for children. Reliable and safe to use, digital showers offer innovative technology as you can program settings for each family member.

Invisible heating

Due to the common issue with UK family bathrooms being more compact than other countries, finding the best space saving alternatives are paramount when remodelling.

Underfloor heating is worth bearing in mind for a new bathroom. It not only creates a sense of luxury and minimalism, but is an ideal safety feature for young children. Underfloor heating systems run at a lower temperature than standard radiators meaning they can successfully create an even ambient temperature in the bathroom. Standard radiators can often create hazardous hot surfaces that children could burn themselves on, so underfloor heating is ideal for creating an uncluttered and hazard free family bathroom.

So what else do you think gives a bathroom the ‘X Factor’? I’d love to hear your tips! 


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