10 Great Things this past week


Happy hump day! I actually love Wednesdays right now, as it’s a day I get to work on my blog from home, get the house in order, and also it’s a day where the children don’t have anything on after school so we can just come straight home and chill out without dashing anywhere- bliss!

Right now things are crazy-busy with our impending house move (2 weeks and counting!), so I feel like I’m being a fairly rubbish friend/wife/mum, but I’m sure things will soon settle down once we move and I’ll have more time for everyone again. So far I’m discovering that packing isn’t too bad, although it definitely takes longer than you think! 

Despite the hecticness there’s always time to feel grateful for the little (and big) things in life- here are 10 great things from this past week:

  1. On the moving house theme, it was really satisfying sorting the children’s bedrooms and having a good old declutter, starting with Freddie’s room. I managed to give a whole boot-load of stuff to a local preschool, and box up some toys that are a bit young from them and that will be stored in the roof of our new place. It’s amazing what you accumulate! 
  2. Having a relaxing Saturday afternoon at home. Adam was playing football, so me and the kids stayed at home (feels weirdly good when you’re home for the day and it’s tipping down with rain!), and I packed some more and they played beautifully- always a joy as days in can often lead to much bickering and fighting! We’d had a few busy weekends so I think they needed the downtime to just play with their toys and watch some telly. 
  3. Having my Mum over for food and wine in front of the telly Saturday night, and going out for lunch with her on Friday. We hadn’t seen each other properly for a bit, so it was lovely to catch up!
  4. Getting into bed early with clean sheets, a Lemsip and Sainsburys Magazine (yes, really, I am apparently 32 going on 72). I’ve been feeling under the weather the past few days, nothing major but just feeling a bit rough, so an early night was called for last night, and it was ace!
  5. Planning for Christmas! Okay, I KNOW it’s only October, but by the time this time of year comes around, I start planning for December. I’d already bought tickets last month for panto and a festive trip to Hever Castle in December, but the other day I was poised at my computer for the release of tickets for the Bluebell Railway Santa Train, and also for family ice skating tickets. I cannot WAIT, I definitely enjoy Christmas as much as any child! I also bought a few stocking fillers for Adam, Freddie and Sasha, which I love doing- need to start somewhere when it comes to Christmas shopping!
  6. Freddie won a little trophy at school for writing the ‘sentence of the week’ in his class, which was lovely to hear as he’s not a huge fan of writing (although really enjoys reading), so I think this has given him a little boost which was great so early on in the school year.
  7. Meeting up with Alison for coffee and brunch and to take a few photos- it’s so nice to be able to catch up with a fellow blogger who ‘gets’ your job and lives near to you, and we always have a good old natter!
  8. I got offered a fantastic blogging opportunity last week (more on this to follow), and when things like this come along, and someone really likes your blog, it definitely reminds you why all the hard work is worthwhile.
  9. Going to our gorgeous niece’s 5th birthday party, and catching up with some members of Adam’s side of the family that we hadn’t seen for a bit.
  10. Making the gym 4 times this past week and starting to see results- once i’m feeling less lurgy-ridden i’ll see if I can keep it up. I always feel SO good when I exercise!

That’s my happy list – what’s floated YOUR boat this past week?!



  1. mummyofboygirltwins
    October 17, 2016 / 8:23 pm

    Sounds lovely and good luck with the move – know how stressful it is!! xx

  2. October 27, 2016 / 11:48 am

    I love the idea of a happy list – I think I’d benefit loads from taking a little more time to collect the positive moments from my week. We have tickets for the santa Bluebell railway on Christmas eve, I can’t wait!

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