10 Things that have made me happy this week

This past week has been lovely- I’ve taken a proper week off work (both digital marketing gig and blog), and thoroughly enjoyed spending time as a family. Not worrying about deadlines (although I do have a few of those!), letting the children stay up later and not fretting about getting work done in the evening, and unintentionally took a week off Instagram and the like. I love it there, but it’s refreshing not to even think about snapping something purely for social media’s sake. 

Good for the soul!

I’m sure I’ll do a diary-type post for my benefit about what we got up to over Easter (complete with photos, natch), but in the meantime I’m going to continue to enjoy a little break, apart from a post or two, until the children go back to school next Tuesday.

Here are 10 things that have made me happy this past week:

  1. Watching the children playing so simply on the beach at Dymchurch. They dug in the sand, played ‘long jump’ with us giving them points for the most spectacular dives, collected sea shells and ran into the sea as the tide went out again. Me, I want to love the sand but it gets everywhere and I’m really a pool kinda gal, but Freddie and Sasha love it!
  2. The fact that the CoOp has had a half price offer on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream- not good for my expanding waistline though!
  3. The arrival of Daisy the hamster, a belated present for Freddie’s 6th birthday but one that we had to hold off on until we had moved back into our house after the building work. She’s an adorable gold and white Syrian, with the world’s biggest hamster palace cage, after I totally underestimated the size of the bloody thing online.
  4. Watching my family ride the carousel on The Southbank.
  5. Keeping up with my iron intake- I’ve been taking it every day now in orange juice and am no longer falling asleep every time I sit down, it really is a pregnancy game changer for me.
  6. Making lists- lists for holiday, lists for Sasha’s birthday and party, lists for Adam’s birthday BBQ, lists of house projects I’d like to do before the baby’s here, lists for the baby…. I do love a good list!
  7. Taking S to get her nails painted all the colours of the rainbow at the salon, which is a HUGE treat and one we were prepared to indulge as it is the school holidays after all 🙂 
  8. The ‘Moana’ soundtrack- seriously, it’s so good!
  9. How happy the children are playing in the garden and riding up and down the side of the house on their bikes and scooters- I just LOVE a warm, sunny spring.
  10. Planning my fantasy maternity holiday wardrobe- it might not become a complete reality, but a girl can still plan, right?!


What’s made you happy this past week?


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  1. Emily Inman
    April 11, 2017 / 9:41 pm

    That is a ruddy good list!! ❤

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