10 Things that have made me happy this week

Brrr…how cold is it outside today? Or at least it is in the South-East, bloody freezing and I’m happily tucked up warm at home doing some work whilst the kids are at school. I thought I’d do another ‘happy’ post as I haven’t done one in a while. I love these, as it really makes you stop and think about all the little good things that have happened recently and it’s when you stop and ponder these that you realise that actually life is pretty damn good! 

We’re about to start some pretty major building work next week- new bathroom put in but the ‘biggy’ is that the wall between our kitchen and dining room extension is coming down, a new kitchen is being installed and we’re having the back door opening widened to fit bi-folds. All this is exciting but means that this weekend we’re going to be spending it packing up EVERYTHING in these rooms once more (the work has moved forward a few months, it was going to start end of March) and once again living in chaos. Which is naturally pretty stressful.

All the more reason to think of other wonderful (less stressful) things!

Here are the things that have made me happy this past week….

  1. Finding out that a friend of mine is expecting a baby after two losses beforehand, and even more amazing is that she’s due right behind me and has kept it a secret from everyone all this time due to worry. I am SO happy for her, and when I found out I just kept smiling every time I thought of it, such lovely, positive news.
  2. Hot cross buns, and buttered toast with marmalade with a cup of tea after the school run- just hits the spot after a freezing school run!
  3. Sasha is suddenly flying with her reading. She was doing well anyway, but over Christmas has come on in leaps and bounds and can read so much. I’m always amazed at how children learn to read and how it just ‘clicks’ at some point. 
  4. Feeling a little more on top of the impending building work. I hate having that niggling feeling that we have lots to do in areas, and means I find it harder to concentrate on my work. BUT last week we have two kitchens that we’re keen on, got the kitchen plans drawn up, checked bi-fold door prices and know that they will come when we need to order them, and have sourced bathroom stuff for less than half the price of the shop (good old Ebay stores!). My head hurts a little less now! Ditto migrating my blog over the a new host- slightly confusing for a non-techy person like me but I managed to complete this last night.
  5. My conversations with Freddie. He’s into so much general knowledge at the moment- space, countries, sharks- that he encourages me to find out more too. He is king question-asker! We cuddled up on the sofa on Sunday and looked at a big book from the library all about sea creatures- a rare treat with the boy who never sits still! 
  6. Watching all the different birds in our garden (geeky but true). We now live near some woods and have a much bigger, more bird-friendly garden and for some reason seeing a rarer bird gives me a kick (yes, quite possibly VERY sad!). The kids have an Usbourne ‘Garden Birds’ book so they know their birds now too and we like to spot them. I need to get me some fat balls!
  7. Sasha instantly improving in her private swimming lesson on Saturday. We decided to book Sasha in for a course of 3 private swimming lessons, as we felt she just wasn’t improving after 4 months with her teacher, and as a nervous swimmer needed a chance to build her confidence up. We take both children swimming at the gym sometimes, but she needs that extra ‘ooomf’. Her new teacher is ace, firm and encouraging yet playful, and they seem to gel well with each other. Even halfway through her lesson she had done more than she had all last term, so it’s been money well spent already. 
  8. Booking our holiday to Lake Garda, Italy in early May- I can’t wait for some SUN! I’m crossing everything that all continues to go well pregnancy-wise, as I’ll need a ‘fit to fly’ note from my doctor. We love Italy and the children are so excited. 
  9. Playing in the snow with the children last Thursday night- it was SO much fun! Neither of them remembers the last time it properly snowed (Freddie was nearly 2 and Sasha about 9 months), so having a snowball fight in the front garden made their week! 
  10. Decent new TV programmes to watch on an evening as Adam and I haven’t come across anything we want to watch together for ages, but both of us are hooked on ‘Taboo’ and ‘The Crown’- so much better than staring aimlessly as the telly when you’re tired!


So that’s my happy week- how about you? What things have made you happy lately?



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