10 Things that have made me happy this week

Hello! Hope you’re all well? So far it’s been a bit of a mixed Monday- crazy snow here, a couple of great work meetings/con calls, two migraines on two consecutive days (THE WORST), cancellation of big kids’ tennis later today (both a blessing and curse)… hoping Tuesday proves a bit steadier to be honest as it wasn’t a great weekend either with migraine and snotty babe number 3.


As always there are still plenty of things to be cheerful about- here is my happy list for the past week!

  1. After having to cancel going to a 40th birthday party Saturday night due to Arlo being under the weather (I had serious FOMO), I ended up having a great Chinese in with my mum and a good natter- definitely need to do that more often!
  2. BRIT Awards What’s app chat live stream with my mates- always funny.
  3. Watching Kate and Idris in ‘The Mountain Between Us’ on Friday night with Ad- surprisingly good and definitely worth a watch.
  4. Ordering some more prints and accessories for our hallway and really LOVING George at Asda homeware that you can order online (we don’t have an Asda near us). Got a copper globe and a letter rack so far and they look great on our windowsill!
  5. Looking forward to getting into healthy eating again. Sounds a weird thing to make me happy, but I feel so unhealthy at the moment and wouldn’t hurt to lose a few pounds so I can do up certain clothes again <side eyes the pair of jeans on the bed> I know I always feel better when I eat and drink well, and I’m hoping that will help with my migraines too. 
  6. The snow, well, just because it looks pretty, even if it’s not practical.
  7. Great parent/teacher meeting for both Freddie and Sasha. They’re doing so well, and S even got full marks in both her year 1 spellings and phonics practice tests- they make us very proud.
  8. After mentioning to F’s teacher that his dog phobia is starting to affect him outside of school, she was AMAZING and has put him forward to spend some time with the school’s reading dog. She’s usually used to help kids who need a bit of help reading out loud, but they’re going to let him read to her to try and overcome his fear. Let’s hope it works! I can’t praise the school highly enough for being so proactive and willing to help their pupils. 
  9. Seeing the spring flowers start to shoot (if they’re not killed off by this sudden influx of snow!), and also fresh flowers for the home as they brighten up the place so well.
  10. Mini eggs – I feel now it’s acceptable to start eating anything to do with Easter, although may have to rein it in for my healthy eating target! 

What’s made you happy this past week?


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  1. Jess Soothill
    February 27, 2018 / 9:26 am

    YES to spring flowers (although snow here today whaaaaat??!). I am looking forward to sunshine now as I feel sick of the weather. Lovely list and great idea to write down things making you happy 🙂 xx

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