Things that have made me happy lately

As I write this I have to say I’m not feeling particularly ‘zen’- we’re going away later this week for a few days, and even though it’s not for long I still find my head spinning with what we’ve got to pack, sort, arrange etc, as well as finishing off some work over the next couple of nights. So what better time to gain some perspective and think of all the things that have made me happy lately, to bring me back down to earth and NOT STRESS SO MUCH and remember that going away is FUN (even when packing what seems like the entire world for 3 small children!)

  1. Managing to wrangle 2/3 children, 17 plants, some lights and storage bag through Ikea Croydon on a Saturday afternoon, and now, according to Adam, our house looks like a garden centre! Still, I’m very pleased with the new members of my plant family (who I promise to water religiously), and S and A made the trip to hell an okay one!
  2. The perfect poached eggs (on salted butter toast).
  3. Watching how confident Sasha is with swimming now, and literally flying into the pool- such a difference to several months ago.
  4. Making fresh pasta sauce with the tomato haul from our garden- thanks once again to mum for planting them in the first place, I’m afraid I can’t take credit for their progress!
  5. M&S peanut butter ice cream- absolute HEAVEN (and have you noticed that so much of my list is based around food?!).
  6. A night out with some of my lovely mum friends from school.
  7. Arlo sleeping through the night for the first time last night! Although since he had his first lot of jabs today I’m not confident of a repeat performance, but still, small sleep wins right?
  8. Family Mario Kart on the Wii- we have introduced the kids to this against my better judgement (Freddie is, predictably, already hooked so we are rationing) but I’m not going to lie, it is SO MUCH FUN. Next stop, Sonic on the PS! 
  9. An amazing 3-wick fig leaf and elderberry candle for 6 quid from Sainsburys of all places, and a cheap one that actually has a decent smell.
  10. Not working in the evening for a few nights on the trot and Ad and I spending ‘quality time’ together (even though I hate that expression!), hanging out, watching decent TV and actually having decent chats! Sounds ridiculous, but especially during the holidays I’ve had to work in some way shape or form most evenings, and it’s made me realise I’ve had very little downtime at home. Hopefully a better balance will be achieved once the big ones are back at school! 

What’s made you happy lately?


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