10 Things that have made me happy this week

Oooh so many lovely things that have happened this week, but first, can we just talk about THAT wedding on Saturday? Whilst I didn’t actually get to hear much of what was going on due to over-excited kids in the background, what I saw was amazing (the dress was just beautiful). I’ve read a fair amount of vitriol online about Meghan, but I think she’s great- a fresh, modern woman who is successful in her own right and clearly had a great track-record of charity work and pushing humanitarian causes well before she was with Harry. I wish them well. 

In a week where I know of a few other people who have had bad/sad news, it’s made me appreciate the little things even more.

Here are 10 things that have made me happy this week:

  1. I can’t start this post without mentioning our Royal Wedding Street party! I’m sure I’ll do a separate blog on this, but it was a fantastic day from start to finish, with 130 people coming together. Our party was the business- we had an ice cream van, tug of war, a bouncy castle, pimms stand, outdoor toys for the little ones, and even a drone filming and taking snaps! We don’t do things by halves round my way that’s for sure. 
  2. Mine (and Freddie and Sasha’s) first ever trip to Wembley (Adam has been before) to watch Bromley FC get a bit of a kicking in the FA Trophy final. It was a great, if long, day out, and the atmosphere was ace, despite Sasha getting an education in rowdy supporters dropping the F and C Bombs- eek!
  3. Arlo finally crawling on his knees and not commando crawling, and it’s HILARIOUS- he looks like a mechanical toy baby, he hasn’t quite got his ‘flow’ yet!
  4. Poached eggs on an avocado and cream cheese ‘bedding’ on toast- turns breakfast into a game-changing supper.
  5. Freddie awarded ‘player of the week’ at tennis and will now be moved up a group.
  6. Sasha nailing her second horse riding lesson and is so much more confident than I ever expected- I’m over the moon at this as a wannabe Pony Club mum! I used to ride loads as a child/teen so I was really hoping we’d have one little rider in the family, although I best get earning some more money as it isn’t the cheapest of hobbies…
  7. How F has coped with his SATs- we haven’t mentioned the ‘S’ word at all (his school call them ‘quizzes’) but he seems to have taken them in his stride, really proud of him.
  8. Remembering home made cookie dough in the freezer.
  9. Primark boyfriend jeans and mom jeans- fantastic fit and only about £13! 
  10. A full night’s sleep- always welcome!

What’s made you happy this week?



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