10 things that have made me happy this week

I haven’t done a post like this for aaages, and was just thinking what a lovely summer we’re having so far, so now seemed as good a time as any to write one! We’re over 3 weeks into the school holidays now and they’re really flying to be honest. I’m working two days a week from home still which is a nice balance, and then we’re tending to have a ‘big’ day out a week, a day at home, and then a couple of smaller, inexpensive trips locally or to see friends. We’re also off to Italy next week which we can’t wait for, and by the time we’re back Freddie and Sasha will be about to start back at school. Touching wood here, but I think despite the hectic juggle of 3 children of different ages and entertainment needs, it’s so far one of the best summers yet.

Although maybe ask me that in another couple of weeks!

Here are 10 things that have made me happy this past week…

  1. Taking Sasha to the theatre to see The Worst Witch. It was actually much better than I anticipated (I’m not sure what I was expecting to be honest!), with great choreography, songs, and humour for both adults and kids alike. We went to Pizza Express first, then had a wander around the Covent Garden Piazza (where Sasha had a go on the piano in the photo above) which is something we usually avoid like the plague because of how busy it is, but with just one little person in tow it was easier and we ended up having such a great day. Love spending one-on-one time with all of them, it’s so important to try and do this regularly. 
  2. A trip to Hever Castle with friends from school. Such a lovely place, and the kids had a ball playing, well, ball, and running in and out of the water maze. Even Freddie getting stung on the bum by a wasp didn’t ruin the day!
  3. Adam’s cousin’s 40th birthday party on Saturday- they went to town and the theme was ‘Burning Man Festival’ fancy dress (Google it if you don’t know). Loads of entertainment for kids and grown ups and raising money for charity, such a lovely day, if a little chilly from the wind!
  4. Getting compliments from random people on how helpful Freddie was at the above party as he spent a lot of the time manning a stall at the party to help raise money. It’s nice when someone you don’t know says how great your child is, and a reminder of how ace they are when they’re not being defiant/winding up their siblings! He was proud to have helped raise £90.
  5. The fact that Love Island has ended. Was taking up FAR too much of our evening viewing in Case Freeman.
  6. Getting our Pax wardrobe frames up having painted them for our upcycling project- have finally ditched the temporary clothing rails, thank god. Now just to prime and paint the doors and we’re done! Will hopefully blog about this soon. 
  7. Sasha winning ‘Gymnast of the day’ at her gymnastics camp.
  8. A long overdue catch up with Mum and one of my brothers. We hit the Oyster Shed near Cannon Street and had a bloody good evening!
  9. Feeling mega motivated with my new business. I’m still in ‘pinch me’ mode as it’s going so well, but I don’t want to get complacent. Looking forward to really driving it forward come September once the kids are back at school. 
  10. Playing cricket in the garden. This has turned out to be something we all enjoy in the evening, despite losing balls over the fence a bit too often, and even Arlo tries to give it a go. Some definite cricket mania here in SE London! 


What’s made you happy this past week?


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