A Right Royal Street Party!

I couldn’t not let the latest (and, I have to say, bloody fabulous) Royal Wedding pass by without at least a tiny nod to our Royal Wedding street party. 130 -odd people, food and drink bought in bucket loads, a Pimms stand, 2 BBQs, bouncy castle, fire engine, ice cream van, craft tables, face painting, tug of war, a baby and toddler zone, real wedding cake and cake cutting, fancy dress competition, a table tennis table *breathe* AND we also had a drone, a DRONE, people! 

Honestly, it had to have been one of the most organised street parties in the country thanks to a handful of extremely thorough and motivated residents (I was on the fringes of meetings so can’t take credit for the sheer wonderfulness of it). Pretty much everyone chipped in in some way or other – helping with road closure permits, food, tables and chairs, lending front gardens… such brilliant British community spirit and we now know a whole heap of people that we didn’t know, or didn’t know that well before. The kids absolutely loved having free-rein to go off and play with their friends too.

Who says Londoners are unfriendly folk?! 

Did you have a street party or do anything for the Royal wedding? Let me know, I’d love to hear what you got up to!


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