10 Things that have made me happy this past week


Hello Friday! Is it just me or are the weeks continuing to just fly by? I don’t mind too much though- I love this time of year due to the anticipation of the festive season, and knowing that in just a few short weeks we’ll be able to put up the Christmas tree in our new home. Apologies if you’re not a Christmas person, but I personally can’t get enough, it’s just making sure I don’t peak too soon! 

Anyway, I haven’t done one of these posts in a while and thought it was time- we haven’t paused for breath this past month since we moved and it’s nice sometimes to stop, breathe and take stock of all the good things that have happened lately, however small. 

  1. The children still really loving school and they seem to have settled into Reception and Year 1 really well. Freddie absolutely loves learning, and whilst he’s always been good at numbers and reading, we’ve turned a really positive corner when it comes to his writing, something he was always quite reluctant to do before. Sasha has also embraced reading enthusiastically, always wanting to read us (or try and read us) the books that come home with her. I very much hope this love continues!
  2. Cracking on with plans for the new house. This past week or so we’ve had a few builders and gardeners round to discuss ideas, budgets and begin to give us quotes. I’m very excited as to the potential of our home, I just hope we can afford to do all we want to do.
  3. Attending Mumsnet Blogfest last Saturday. I always feel SO nerdy saying that I’ve attended a blogging conference (especially to non-bloggers!), but after managing to snaffle a ticket from the lovely Katy (thank you!) I hotfooted it up to Kings Cross from SE London, and I’m SO glad I did. The talks I attended were so inspiring and encouraging, and made me feel like a kick-ass woman who could take over the world! I mainly attended the vlogging classes, as I’m thinking of venturing more into this area in the New Year, and they were so useful. It was also fab to catch up with some lovely friends, and I left feeling all glowy and pumped from such a great day.
  4. Beginning Christmas shopping! Last Friday after feeling a bit tired and grumpy, I decided to perk myself up by heading to Toys R Us and getting cracking with the children’s Christmas shopping. I KNOW they say material things shouldn’t make you happy, but I absolutely LOVE buying Christmas presents for Freddie and Sasha as it’s the one time of year we really like to spoil them, and I hold my hands up that I left that shop with a full trolley and feeling on a total shopping high! I’ve been so pleased as this year I’ve saved up totally myself from my blog work without having to watch the pennies. When I can do things like this after a few years of Adam being the main earner, it makes all the late nights, early mornings and hard work worthwhile.
  5. Having Sunday lunch with dear friends and family. Last Sunday we went to lunch with my Mum, brother, niece and my Mum’s friend Pauline who I haven’t seen for ages. It was so lovely, the Greek food was delicious and we all adore seeing my gorgeous toddler niece- she’s so cute and funny!
  6. Starting to feel on top of things after a crazy month. I hate feeling stressed and disorganised, and feel that this blog has been slightly neglected too, but now I’m feeling much better and ready to start writing and photographing again. 
  7. Wensleydale and cranberry cheese. Always comes out in our house at this time of year. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH!
  8. Having great new neighbours. We’ve met both sides now several times, and they are absolutely lovely- feeling VERY thankful for this as we had great ones at our last house and Adam and I were desperately hoping for the same again. Thankfully we seem to have lucked out once more!
  9. Freddie’s plane drawings. Freddie has recently become really into planes (makes a change from trains!), and I’m loving the detail of the pictures that he’s doing, and the fact he’s getting really into drawing and colouring, which is a new thing for him as he wasn’t all that interested before. I love seeing them change and develop so much, even though you often want time to stand still.
  10. Planning on making the Christmas cake and mincemeat this coming week and storing them away. I’m usually done making them by the beginning of November, but with everything move-related I’ve been quite behind so need to crack on! I love making these with the children, and I’m hoping it turns into an annual tradition.
  11. Oh, and I had to have one more this time…I bought an ace new Christmas wreath by Gisela Graham from a local gift shop and it’s just SO pretty. I’ve never had a proper wreath before so can’t wait to hang this on the new front door come December. It’s the little things eh?!


What have you been loving this past week?



  1. November 18, 2016 / 11:13 am

    This made me smile hon 🙂 Glad you’ve had such a fab week xx

    • Becky
      November 18, 2016 / 12:50 pm

      Thanks lovely, hope you have a fab weekend! x

  2. November 20, 2016 / 5:58 pm

    Was so lovely to see you at Blogfest (It does sound geeky, doesn’t it!) I can’t believe you have children in both reception AND year 1!

  3. Penny
    November 22, 2016 / 3:21 pm

    I was sorry to miss Blogfest, it sounded fab. And 7 YES I love this combo. I made a cake for the first time this year – fingers crossed! Love this list, I am doing something similar on my phone each day using an app and it is really changing my outlook.

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