10 Things that have made me happy this week

This past week has been a funny one, mainly because poor Arlo has been really poorly since last Thursday night (although definitely much perkier now) with acute tonsilitis that has caused his underlying eczema to flare up and turn infected. We had a trip to the docs Monday morning as his skin looked terrible and we had no idea what it was, so they then sent us to hospital where we stayed most of the day for fluids and blood tests and all sorts before being discharged with some super-strong antibiotics. Not a fun time but it could’ve been a lot worse so for that we are grateful. 

Despite this there are always things to be happy about! Here are 10 things that have made me happy this week:


  1. The NHS. What with poor Arlo being so ill, it makes you thankful for our wonderful NHS and just how easy it is in this country to ‘just nip’ to the doctors or to hospital to be checked out relatively quickly. I know it’s not perfect, but i’d much rather be with it that without it that’s for sure.
  2. A lovely roast dinner at Adam’s Aunty’s house – roast chicken followed by homemade jam roly poly and apple pie and custard- delicious!
  3. Freddie getting picked for his school cross country team after doing well in trials, and I can’t wait to watch him in his race next Monday. 
  4. Watching Sasha horse ride. We hadn’t been for a while but she loves it. I’m so excited about taking her to the Christmas Showjumping championships at Olympia just before Christmas!
  5. Freddie scoring another goal for his football team (they’re definitely improving).
  6. Changing estate agents! After not being overly happy with our current one, we’ve decided to switch and see what happens. The house we want has gone back on the market after they kindly kept it exclusive to us for a few months (amazing really) so it really is a race to see who finds a buyer first, and I really hope it’s us! What will be will be…
  7. A productive day at work yesterday and getting on top of my freelance work. I hate being disorganised, and as of today am starting to feel back in the game!
  8. An early night with a cup of green tea and my book.
  9. Getting excited about Christmas. I’m usually more ahead with Christmas shopping etc but what with house stuff going on and other distractions I’m very behind. Can’t wait to get cracking, and I don’t think we’ll have any problems shopping for Sasha as she’s ringed half the Smyths catalogue! 
  10. Muller corner banana and choco flake yoghurts- officially amazing. 


What things have made you happy this week?


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