Things that have made me happy this week

In a week that has been extremely sad due to the loss of amazing fellow blogger, Kate, I’ve been looking again at the positive things that have happened, and trying to be grateful for each moment. Kate was an extremely well loved and respected woman, both by those in the blogging world and those outside it. We worked together on a few campaigns, and she was always so kind, generous and open with her time and advice, and a really bubbly force of nature. She was only 48 when she passed away suddenly last Monday, and she leaves behind 2 boys, the youngest only 14. She was funny, optimistic and a real go-getter. The hashtag #bemorewitwitwoo has been trending on social media this week, reflecting her vivacious attitude to life. So eat the cake, wear the bikini, be kind, but don’t care what everyone else may think- do what’s right for you. 

With this and her in mind, I’ve been thinking about all the fab things that have happened this week, and what has made me smile…

  1. Schools out for the summer! Seriously, I’m SO happy that it’s the summer holidays! The big two are knackered, and really need the extra downtime, and I’m so looking forward to spending time with them.
  2. Sasha’s end of term gymnastics display. She suddenly seems to have improved again and has some new moves! Arlo came along too, and spent a lot of time clapping his sister and the other gymnasts!
  3. Freddie playing in his first football tournament today. The didn’t win, but did so well against other, already established teams (this was the first time his has ever played together with his new team), and it was an ace (if hot) day out. Seriously regretting not reapplying sun cream though! #redneck
  4. Solero ice cream lollies- heaven on a stick.
  5. Shopping and dinner with Freddie and Sasha for an end of term treat. Adam and I took the big two out yesterday afternoon/evening to spend some quality time with them as we feel Arlo has been taking up quite a lot of our energy lately, and it was so needed. We went to Yo! Sushi for a ‘starter’ (Freddie’s choice), then went shopping with their pocket money to sports shops/Smiggle/Claire’s, followed by dinner at Giraffe. Such a lovely chance to chat properly to them without being distracted by the littlest guy, and a great start to our summer!
  6. An end of school summer picnic on Friday.
  7. Winning a tenner or so on the lottery.
  8. Someone offering me their car parking ticket this week, which was fab as I realised I had no change on me.
  9. Getting my hideous rooty hair highlighted – this filled me with joy, love a trip to the hairdressers! 
  10. The children’s school reports and SATS results. We couldn’t be more proud of our babies, they are flying when it comes to their work, but most importantly they got all As and Bs for effort- superstars! 
  11. Arlo starting to try and talk. We have a definite ‘Daddy’ now, and a proper attempt at ‘Grandad’ yesterday!


What has made you happy this week? 

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