Summer plans and the holidays are in sight!

sunflowersHello! Just a quickie post here to ‘check in’- July so far has been really hectic as far as the kids are concerned, there have been so many school events, last outside-school activities for this term and a few parties and family gatherings… I’m quite relieved that this is the last week of school before the long summer holidays begin and we can all have more of a breather!

Last summer we had a newborn, and whilst he was pretty chilled out and slept a lot, I definitely remember us having a slightly slower holidays (not always a bad thing) as at times it seemed like quite hard work to get all 3 out and about, and whilst out and about make sure the baby was fed, changed etc etc. This summer we of course have the big two, plus a rather active (and walking/running everywhere!) almost toddler, so I can’t imagine these 6 weeks or so are going to be as sedate. 

Still, I have a feeling that the next 6/7 weeks will whizz by this year. Partly because apart from when we go away for a couple of weeks to Ibiza, I’m continuing working, so the children will spend two days a week with childminder/Grandparents (Arlo) or at sports camps (Freddie and Sasha). Doing this will no doubt break up the weeks a bit – not always a bad thing! 

I anticipate being maybe slightly quieter on the blog but not hugely. I’m used to working in the evenings now since having Arlo, so to be honest nothing will really change here, but I *may* give myself a few weeks off, who knows?! 

The big two really need a break I think. The both adore school, but the recent hot weather, late nights yet still early mornings have meant that even the most laid back members of the Freeman family are starting to get a little jaded, plus they’ve worked so hard this year. Their reports come back today I think, and I’m sure they’ll make us proud. 

Aside from going on holiday and some chilled out days at home, I’m sure we’ll find time for seeing friends, picnics, and one or two museums/events thrown in, and of course, a trip to the seaside. I may live to regret saying this but I’m looking forward to getting out all the crafts sets that we’ve accumulated since Christmas and using them (except glitter, my heart always sinks when the glitter comes out!). 

Summer holidays, we are ready for you!

*and sunflowers, because, well, I just love ’em


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