Blink and you’ll miss it…

The other morning I sat Arlo on his yellow changing mat to snap a photo of him (mainly because I loved the new Star Wars pyjamas he was wearing!), and after he humoured me with his huge grin, and I looked at what I’d captured.

I couldn’t believe that suddenly sitting in front of me was not so much a baby now, but a leggy-looking toddler! 

Where has my baby gone?! 

Okay, so he is still very much a baby, but what with him walking everywhere now, saying a few words (Daddy, Mama, and a definite, not-imagined attempt at ‘Grandad’), and being so expressive when communicating with us, it suddenly seems like we are hitting the toddler years very early.

This post is really just because I love this photo, I think it captures our happy, curly-haired boy perfectly.


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