Arlo at 9 Months

9 months in- 9 months out for our little Arlo… in typical cliche blogging way, I can’t believe that time has flown so quickly! 

Without getting too sentimental (because after all they’re only going to keep on growing and changing and I can’t write wailing posts lamenting this every time), here is Arly-Pops at 9 months:

  • Arly-Pops? What the hell is that about?! The poor baby has a plethora of ridiculous nicknames- The Arlster, Arly-Pops, Ham Head, Arly-Woo, Clive…I could go on. Hoping it’s all character building in the future and that he doesn’t actually end up terminally confused.
  • Arlo isn’t knee crawling yet, but like his big brother is showing a preference for ‘commando’ crawling to get about the place. He is causing much more havoc than the other two did at his age, and seems drawn to anything he isn’t supposed to touch: the intergrated freezer grate, metal stools legs, kitchen bin, hamster cage <boak>, fridge magnets, a low-hanging oven glove… you name it, he’s there, bypassing all of his actual toys, which is a bloody nightmare and we need eyes in the back of our heads!
  • Has 2 teeth with 2 on the way. Weirdly, one top tooth came first, followed by one bottom tooth, and we can now see the others catching up. Looks very odd.
  • Can clap on request, and also now wave, although the waving seems to confuse him as he goes in for a clap first before remembering what he’s actually supposed to do. 
  • Loves music, being hosed down with the shower, other babies, FOOD (big eater here), not sleeping through yet (zzzzzz), being tickled and going out and about. He’s a very sociable chap, and apart from the sleep at night is such an easy baby who we really can take anywhere.
  • He now recognises familiar voices even without seeing the face. When Adam comes through the door after work and calls out, you’ve never seen a baby drop a toy and commando shuffle so fast to see their old man! That sort of thing does make your heart melt and make the sleep deprivation and logistical juggling of 3 children all worthwhile. 

Arlo, you’re the best addition to our family, and getting better and better with age (like a fine wine)- thanks for being you, and here’s to another fabulous 9 months (but with more sleep, yes?).


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