Arlo’s Christening

This post is slightly late as I had domain issues with my blog last week and my entire site was out of action for 6 days- total nightmare! I couldn’t not add a few photos documenting Arlo’s christening though. We don’t have many as my main camera is also broken and has been sent off to be fixed (definitely having a tech crisis at the moment), but the ones we do have are lovely (and thanks to my sis-in-law too). 

We were part of a regular Sunday service at the church where Adam and I got married, and it’s such a relaxed and modern kind of church which is right up our street- we really didn’t want anything stuffy. After making a bid for freedom when us/his godparents were about to ‘commit’, he was very well behaved and a bit of a superstar, dancing to every hymn that was sung and generally pottering around being cute. Arlo has 5 godparents and very lucky he is with this bunch too! We finished off a lovely day with food, drink and cake at a local pub, and it’s nice to know that he’s finally been ‘done’, albeit a bit older than the other two were. 

When you can bowl up to the vicar yourself, you know your parents have left it a bit late for you to get Christened!

Here are a just few snaps of the day…


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