Arlo at 15 Months

Dear Arlo,

Today you are 15 months old, still a baby in so many ways, but also now VERY much a toddler. You have been walking since you were 11 months old, our earliest walker out of the 3 of you, which somehow has made you seem more grown up than perhaps you really are. You are a bundle of energy, a real climber and now even jogging from A to B. Your brother and sister weren’t quite so ‘in to everything’ as you are, and as a result I need eyes in the back of my head. If I’m not looking you’ll be standing on top of the toy car garage, or trying to climb on to your sister’s Stokke chair in the kitchen. My heart is often in my mouth when I see what you attempt to do! 

However, I don’t want to curb your happy spirit too much, as I absolutely adore your sense of adventure and happy nature. You still have such a joyful, laid back personality and take everything in your stride. You’re very much a people person, and thrive going out and about to events. On the school run you love it when Freddie and Sasha’s friends crowd around you and give you attention, and your face instantly lights up when you see your siblings run out of the school door towards you. You are also extremely tolerant of your siblings, especially Sasha who treats you like her real life doll, lugging you around and rolling around the floor with you. Despite my fretting and frequently telling her to leave you alone, you really don’t seem to mind, and at the moment you don’t mind her saying to you “get up chubby chops!”- although I’m sure this will change in time!

I have to say that you really are deliciously chubby at the moment, with sturdy thighs and round toddler belly despite you being quite tall for your age. I’m sure you’ll thin out at some point, and it’s great that you love your food. There is nothing that you won’t eat, and even spicy or strong flavoured food doesn’t phase you. Here’s hoping your un-fussiness is here to stay! You wake early every morning unfortunately for us (those promising lie ins of the earlier baby stage appear to have vanished), and scream and scream for your bottle until you get it. You can now feed yourself your bottle and most food, but you still like to snuggle into us for your bedtime one every night, and to be honest I’m in no rush for those bedtime cuddles to be over. You really are the soppiest, most affectionate little guy. 

You are a huge animal fan, and adore your books just like your brother and sister did and continue to do so. You go to Tumble Tots every week with Nanny which, as a climber, you enjoy hugely, and are really into your music and dancing. We love the fact that you communicate with us so well already, and answer most of our questions by nodding and shaking your head accordingly. You can say the following words now, or at least attempts that we recognise: There, Grandad, mama, Dada, Nana, bird, Sasha (yaya!), no, hiya, tiger, bird, yes. You chatter on to yourself and us all the time, so I suspect you will also be an early talker like your siblings- we are clearly not a quiet family! 

I sometimes feel guilty that life is busier for you than it was at the same age for your siblings, as you get carted around from school pick up, to clubs, to parties, trips and holidays, and I worry I don’t spend quite as much time just playing with you as the others, but to be honest you don’t seem to mind and you’re doing just fine so far. I know that life would be easier in many ways without number 3, but we really couldn’t imagine you not being here so you’re worth all the extra ‘work’ and the lack of sleep (although thankfully this is a little better now!).

So happy 15 months little one, we can’t wait to see how you grow and change again over the next few months! 


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