4 Weeks of Arlo!

At the risk of turning this blog into something of a baby bore zone (don’t worry, plenty of interiors on the way!), I am so pleased that I get to document our last little baby’s milestones. Even though I’ve been blogging in some way, shape or form for nearly 5 years now, I didn’t blog properly until Freddie and Sasha were both toddlers, and I SO wish I could look back on their baby diaries to remember just what they were like and just how much they’ve grown and changed.

So what’s been happening these past 4 weeks since Arlo arrived in the world?

Well, it seems to have whizzed by already, I can tell you, and although this probably sounds rather cliche, it really is like he’s always been here- I can’t imagine him not being here now, although I DO remember how much easier it was to get everyone out of the house without needing so much stuff and it taking hours! 

At the moment Arlo is generally a super-chilled out little guy and rarely cries unless he is hungry and wants a feed, and so far is definitely a ‘clockwork’ baby, wanting to be fed pretty much bang-on every 3 hours. Whilst he’s becoming more awake during the day, thankfully for us he’s been quite kind at night time, only waking to be fed before going back to sleep again (I pray this continues!). The past few nights since he’s had more day awake time, he’s also starting to go down in his moses basket in the living room earlier on in the evening too, so this may or may not be the very early start of some kind of bedtime routine (which suits me fine to be honest!).

Freddie and Sasha are still being brilliant with him, and despite being prone to bicker with each other, Arlo is definitely their favourite at the moment and they love to talk to him and try and entertain him, and I am so relieved there hasn’t been any jealously so far. 

Whilst Arlo hasn’t been weighed for a couple of weeks #3rdbabyproblems and I really need to get him down the clinic, I can tell he’s growing well and is starting to become a little chunk, and definitely feeling more ‘solid’ now and not quite so ‘newborn fragile’. Plus, he’s already outgrown his ‘up to 1 month’ sleepsuits, and costing us a fortune in new ones!

Adam and I have been delighted at how lovely and interested friends and family have been in our new arrival, something that surprised me as I assumed that people would lose interest come number 3. Everyone’s been so kind and generous, and he’s a very lucky little guy, although I’ve been surprised at how many people have never come across the name ‘Arlo’ before and think it’s quite weird. I’m sure I know several aged 7 and under, both in ‘real life’ and online so to me it’s fairly normal! 

Arlo is starting to discover his arms and legs now, kicking on his play mat, and also using his hands to start to (probably unintentionally) bat the little toys on his play gym- you can see his little brain whirring when he touches one and wondering what’s going on! I love it when they begin to do a bit more and can start to entertain themselves a little when it’s their awake time. We’ve started to have lots of smiles now, and he loves faces more than anything. It melts my heart when Adam comes home from work and Arlo gets all excited by wriggling and kicking his legs when he hears his voice, and then give him a big smile once he can focus and see Daddy! 

I know babies can be hard work at times, and getting up to feed at night doesn’t get any easier (I am really feeling it 5 years since the last time, my face must have aged 10 years in a month!), but it’s lovely to be able to do it all again, and I don’t think I’ll get bored of seeing all the little baby changes and milestones.

Arlo at 2 weeks

Also, we’ve been working with Little Tikes over the past 6 months or so on their ace #GetTheGrowHow campaign, and we can’t wait to start using some of their toys more. Arlo is already loving his 3 in 1 Deluxe Soothe play gym now he can focus, and in our next video for them I can’t wait to show him developing and using his new toys. 

In the meantime, here’s our video for them of our first couple of weeks- I may well look a little sleep deprived, haha!



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  1. Katie
    August 7, 2017 / 12:32 pm

    Massive congratulations Becky, you look fabulous! Laughing my head off at you rocking during this video! Ha ha ha, I used to rock all the time whether holding Woody or not! Beautiful baby and what a lovely name xxx

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