Baby Annabell ‘Milly Feels Better’ Review

I’ve probably mentioned before, but compared to myself at 6 years old, Sasha is very much a doll and baby kinda gal. She absolutely loves playing games with her collection of dolls, from schools to hospitals, they pretty much get played with most days in some way shape or form, so it’s actually a kind of toy that we don’t mind her getting for Christmas, birthdays or a special occasion. 

S would either like to be a teacher or a doctor when she grows up, so when I was emailed asking if Sasha would like to review the new Baby Annabell ‘Milly Feels Better’ doll, I really couldn’t refuse as I knew she would absolutely LOVE this kind of doll! (for the record we turn down probably 95% of toy reviews as we don’t like the children to have toys on a whim very often). 

Baby Milly needs looking after, and there are plenty of ways to make her feel better! Sasha loved the idea of this, and now she’s a bit older, a doll that interacts and has more features is just the ticket. 

Milly’s cheeks turn red when she needs attention from her carer, and her cry is so realistic that our toddler, Arlo, seemed to think she was a real baby and was most confused!

Sasha was able to monitor her temperature with the thermometer dummy, and when ‘poorly’ her temperature changes from 37 degrees to 40  (quick, attention needed!), and then check her heartbeat with the stethoscope. 

Milly needed to be given medicine to help make her feel better, and when a special spoon is put to her mouth she perks up. 

If she still seems poorly, she can also be given an injection (she comes with various accessories including syringe for said injection, stethoscope, medicine spoon, medicine bottle and oral thermometer).

Milly also sleeping eyes when she is laid down help with the realism of the doll, and Sasha was delighted that she laughed when tickled!

Sasha was over the moon with her new doll (and she has fitted in with the others just fine!), and because of what Milly can do she was ideal to go along with Sasha’s games of hospitals obviously very easily, giving a child who’s into all things medical (like S) plenty of play value. 

At an RRP of around £49.99 Baby Annabell ‘Milly Feels Better’ doll isn’t cheap, but she’s good quality and the actual doll, as well as her mechanisms should last a long time. A younger child would still love this doll, but it’s also great for an older doll lover too, and I still predict Sasha getting at least another couple of years out of her. 

A big thumbs up here!

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