Things that have made me happy lately

This past week or two has been really wonderful! I don’t know if it’s the great weather, or the fact I’ve been a little healthier, but I’ve felt really perky and whilst it’s been a busy time, so many fab things have happened. 

Here are some things that have made me happy lately:

  1. Arlo turning 1. Some people get sad that their babies are getting older, but I actually like it. I like the fact we’ve survived another year, and I love the fact that he’s becoming a proper little person now who’s doing so much more, and he’s just so much fun. We celebrated his actual birthday at the big two’s sports day, and we held a party for him at the weekend so he had a double celebration and was well and truly spoiled. Bring on year two of The Arlster! 
  2. Running and swimming. I’ve been trying to get fit and healthy for a while, and I feel that this past month something has finally clicked. I’ve been running in the cool late evenings (and now addicted to the ‘Map my Run’ app), and swimming a couple of times a week. I’m really enjoying swimming, and I think that this may become my ‘yoga’. I love the rhythm of the breathing and it really clears my head and allows me to switch off more than any other sport at the moment. 
  3. Taking Arlo to a ‘bringing old and new together’ session at a local nursing home for the elderly. This is where elderly people, some with dementia, can spend time with babies and toddlers and interact and play with them, all whilst having a cuppa. Arlo adored all the attention given to him, and it was really humbling chatting to some of the residents, all of whom loved little ones. There were 6 of us with our children, and we finished with singing. It was my first time attending, and I definitely want to go back. It can be hard to find the time to volunteer with a baby in tow, so at the moment this is something we can do together.
  4. A wonderful sports day and picnic at school. Sasha won her race, Freddie came 3rd out of a large group of boys, and Adam and I came 3rd each in the Mum and Dad’s races- a stellar effort for Family Freeman! 
  5. Having a 3rd wedding anniversary lunch at Aqua Shard with Adam- amazing food and incredible views.
  6. London on hot, summer evenings- street music, food and atmosphere along the river just can’t be beaten. 
  7. Getting the paddling pools out for the kids- they love the water so much and it reminds me of my own childhood spending ages in a paddling pool. Good times!
  8. Coffee and a Cadbury’s Twirl – new, random favourite combo.
  9. Going to the farm with Arlo. He adores animals and really notices them, it always puts a smile on my face. 
  10. Taking Freddie football training. He’s joined a team for this coming school year, and had his first training session with his new team at the weekend. Love seeing him so enthusiastic and excited, and I fear I will now be forever a football widow AND Sunday morning football mum!
  11. Sasha flossing really fast- so funny.
  12. Sunflowers on the kitchen table.

What’s made you happy this week?! 


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