Our Evening Woodland Adventure with Milkybar Wowsomes! #Ad

As a parent, I perhaps like to kid myself that I’m the super laid back, spontaneous sort, but I fear the reality is somewhat different. With three children, two of whom are school and tied to school hours during terms times, various clubs and activities, and a baby brother who hits the hay by 7pm usually, I’m afraid to say that on a day-to-day basis I run a tight ship and a fairly consistent routine. 


Of course, the kids get to do plenty of fun things in any given week, but I often feel a bit sad that we don’t always have as much time or freedom to be a little more ‘crazy’, or to let Freddie and Sasha do something on the spur of the moment.

So when Milkybar® got in touch and challenged us to show our spontaneous side with their  ‘Why Not’ campaign challenge to promote their Wowsomes® chocolate bar, I jumped at the chance! Wowsomes® have 30% less sugar than similar chocolate products, and since F & S are known for having a sweet tooth, I thought it would be a great chance to try out a chocolate bar with a healthier edge (see nutritional details at the bottom of this post), whilst doing something fun.

Milkybar Wowsomes

There were various challenge ideas to take you out of your comfort zone as a family, including going to the beach when you usually wouldn’t, and jumping around like superheroes, but I knew exactly what my big two would like to do more than anything:

Stay up late and play hide and seek in the woods near our house at sunset! 


So after Rainbows the other night, Freddie and I picked up Sasha, and with the baby at home with Adam, we headed to our woods for some fun and games. The weather has been glorious lately, so it was SO great to make the most of such a sunny evening just playing without a care in the world. It made me realise that we really need to do this more, as they thrive on us saying ‘yes’ and the undivided attention (you forget in the thick of it that babies seem to take up a LOT of time).

Freddie and Sasha spent ages playing hide and seek, and then we started to scope out a location to come back and build a proper den. 

Later I spent time teaching them what different trees, plants and mushrooms were which they thought was pretty cool (who knew that the ‘Guide to UK Nature’ book I had as a kid would still be ingrained in my brain?). It was nice to chat to them properly for so long, as well as have so much fun without clock-watching.

Staying up late for these two is the ultimate treat!

Obviously during all our running around we had to stop and sample a Wowsomes® chocolate bar, and the verdict was a good one: The kids loved them and I was surprised that the bars tasted like a ‘normal’ chocolate bar but with a lot less sugar. I was also happy that they are without artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and sweeteners – what every parent wants to hear to be honest.

I’m definitely going to be having more ‘Why Not?’ days throughout the summer- after all, they’re only little once.

What would you do for your ‘Why Not?’ day? I’d love to hear!


*We are working with MilkyBar on this campaign. All opinions are our own.

Milkybar Wowsomes are to be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

Per serving: Fibre: 1.0g. Protein: 2.5g. Sale: 0.10g. Energry: 95kcal. Fat: 5.8g. Sugras: 6.6g.


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