Arlo is one

Happiest of 1st birthdays to this little legend! 

You are the sunniest, blondest, curliest-haired little guy, and you make everyone who meets you smile with your cheeky, happy and laid back personality. You’ve brought so much joy to our family, and I’m so glad we decided to go for ‘just one more’, as you’ve really completed us- we simply all adore you. 

You can now toddle several steps (especially if something catches your eye), you can say “Dada” and “Row, row, row” when we do Row the Boat, you love balls and playing in water, are obsessed with the bloody hamster cage, ignore most of your toys in favour of all the things you shouldn’t touch and absolutely LOVE your food. We wouldn’t change you for anything (well, you could maybe start sleeping a little more consistently), and we feel we hit the jackpot when it comes to having a number 3 who goes with the flow and just slots in.

Have the most wonderful day beautiful Arlo (despite you sharing your birthday with the school sports day, so you will be celebrating today on the playing field), and we can’t wait to throw you the party you deserve come Saturday. 

We love you! x


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