10 Things that have made me happy this week

I love writing these posts when I start the week on a high! To be honest, last week felt like a bit of a write-off- I was quite under the weather, had a migraine on the Wednesday which wiped me out, and generally felt like I was chasing my tail when it came to juggling kids and work. I feel much better though after a long lie in yesterday (thanks, husband!) and then I worked until quite late last night which means that today I feel ahead of myself (if a little tired). 

BUT…as always there are many good things that happen despite lurgy etc.

Here are 10 things that have made me happy this past week:

  1. Attending a baby group on Friday for the first time with Arlo. Okay, so this may sound like lots of people’s idea of HELL, but it was the same one I used to go to with F & S so it was very nostalgic, and it just felt good to be out and about for the day with him and give us a change of scenery. The temptation is to stay in with him a fair bit so I can catch up on work when he naps, but I’ve vowed to have at least a couple of days a week where we go out and I do no work at all. 
  2. A successful charity shop trawl for baby bits on Friday. I haven’t been on a charity shop binge for a few years now, but had a scout round my local ones on Friday and got some great bits- a Little Tikes Xylophone, books, winter toddler coat for Arlo and some jeans for Sasha, all pretty much brand new. We got rid of so much baby stuff after the older two, that we don’t want to spend a fortune now for Arlo because we know he’s our last baby, so anything picked up in great condition for a good price is always welcome!
  3. Coffee and an walnut croissant catch up with my old next door neighbour. 
  4. Red wine and pizza night Saturdays with Adam, and us discovering how AMAZING Ozark is on Netflix. 
  5. Sasha getting the golden book award at school last week for “always settling quickly and independently to her work”.
  6. Freddie passing his Beavers swimming stage 1 badge- he swam a whole length of the pool without touching the bottom, and I must admit that I did wonder if he’d make it to the end at times!
  7. My mum being amazing with her gardening skills again and sorting out the unruly bit in our front garden, and planting some gorgeous new heathers.
  8. Baths with Epsom salts (OMG how did I not discover these before?!)
  9. The new ‘Tasty’ app and making 2 great new dinners using recipes from it- we were getting in a rut so it’s nice to try new meals, and I love how ‘tasty’ film their videos.
  10. Booking a spa weekend in Sheffield for November with 5 girl friends- I’ll be a bit anxious leaving Arlo for the night, but I know Adam will be fine, and I’ll be very much looking forward to massages and SLEEP by then!


What things have made you happy this week?


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  1. September 25, 2017 / 7:33 pm

    Such a lovely idea for a post, great to look back and find 10 things like this. Your kids have done so well and a walnut croissant sounds delicious! Must check out Ozark then, thanks for the recommendation.

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