5 Things to Consider when Choosing an Event Location

A big part of my job pre-children, whether it was working for the PR company or as PA/Office Manager for  city consultancy, was to source venues for the various events that we held on a regular basis. Obviously each event would have different wants and needs when it came to choosing a suitable location, but there were some things that mattered no matter what the actual event was, and I always had a mental checklist in my head when I started looking around a potential venue. I did pretty much the same when it came to Adam and I getting married, considered location, size, atmosphere…all so important when finding the right place for a special day. 

Here are my 5 things to consider when choosing an event location:


Hosting an event in a location convenient for the majority of attendees can make the difference between a large turnout and a tumbleweed blowing across your carefully planned occasion. To me it makes total sense to choose a venue that’s close to most attendees offices or hotels, and if the event is going to have lots of people from abroad/far away attending, consider somewhere close to an airport or reasonably priced hotel. Your event should be enjoyable for everyone making the effort to attend, not a pain in the bum!

Numbers and Accessibility 

Work out how many guests will be attending? Who are these guests? You want everyone to be able to fit comfortably in the space. You must also consider people with disabilities. Does the venue have wheelchair access? You want to be as inclusive as possible. If the venue doesn’t have good access I’d be very wary about choosing it to be honest. If you’re unsure of any special requirements, then make sure you include a way for people to let you know in the RSVP. You will also want to make sure that all health and safety requirements are adhered to, and that includes making sure that there are the correct safety and fire signs in the correct places, with seton.co.uk/safety-signs/fire-exit-signs providing great ones for any event.


Okay, so it’s maybe not the favourite thing to talk about when you’re all misty-eyed having found THE venue, but let’s get realistic- cost is a huge factor when it comes to hiring a suitable location. Everyone has a budget, whether it’s a personal wedding or a business one. Make sure you calculate the cost of food (dinner, lunch, or even if it’s just business coffees and pastries), entertainment, and decorations, and factor these in to the venue total, and make sure you allow enough of everything for people to have a good time. Don’t forget that certain days of the week can often be cheaper to book.


Whilst you can certainly make somewhere look BETTER with lots of decorations, the phrase that springs to mind includes the words ‘can’t’, ‘polish’ and ‘you’ (if you catch my drift). Architecture, period and overall style of the venue can’t be changed I’m afraid, so make sure you venue is suitable for a corporate event and vice versa a wedding. Gauge your audience and the tone and don’t get carried way because of personal preference (unless it’s your wedding day, that can be an exception!).  If you’re looking for the perfect corporate meeting venue, One Events has a number of London venues for you to choose from and can cater for a range of meeting requirements. They are proud to offer a portfolio of meeting rooms across the city of London that incorporate modern units, ample space and quality facilities, all to ensure your events run successfully. 


Aside from the look and feel of the venue, what does the venue offer? Will it have staff that can plan your event for you? Does it have a kitchen and catering staff, seating, staff to setup and clear away, as well as decent business facilities if needed i.e. fast wifi, printing? All things to find out before going ahead.

Do you have any other tips for when looking for an events venue? I’d love to hear!


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