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This week both Freddie and Sasha have been off preschool for half term, and for the most part it’s been lovely- we’ve had a few trips out but I’d left pretty much every other day for just chilling and pottering at home. They ‘do’ so much during term time, that it’s actually quite nice for everyone to unwind and for them just to stay at home and play with some of their (many!) toys. In some ways we haven’t had a choice- both children have been a bit ‘up and down’ wellness-wise the past few days, culminating in me taking S to the docs yesterday where she was diagnosed with a chest infection 🙁

As I write this I am currently laid up in bed with the lurgy too- sad times all round! Hoping we’re all back to normal by Monday. I’ve loved having a full week with them but it really disrupts my working days, despite having some help from parents/in-laws, so it’s all a bit hectic sometimes trying squeeze in a few hours here and there! So, cracking on, here is the Gratitude Express and the things that have made me happy lately, despite feel like one big snot ball right now:

  • One of my best friends having the most adorable baby boy last Tuesday! They’re doing really well, and I can’t wait to meet him next week for an enormous cuddle!
  • Spending quality time with Freddie and Sasha this half term. We’ve properly played together- baked, read loads of stories (they’re both getting into their Beatrix Potter book set!), built Lego, had tea parties with their cuddly toys, it’s been great, and they really seem to thrive on all the extra positive attention. It can be too easy sometimes to be distracted by other things, but I really enjoy listening to their little stories and thoughts about the world. It’s also made me want to get back to featuring more crafty posts on the blog- it’s what I used to do a lot of on here and I realise that I miss it quite a lot.
  • Getting more wedding plans sorted- our cake toppers for both the sweet cake and the cheese tower cake have arrived from the USA, we’ve booked a decided on catering choices for our evening boat reception, and I’ve found some invite designs that we both really like. I feel in control when stuff like this has been sorted!
  • Receiving post from our friends in the states- they sent Freddie a brilliant book for his birthday that we love. I must send things/write to people more, it really is fab getting post that isn’t bills!
  • Some beautiful, spring-like weather on Tuesday and Wednesday. We went to Stratford on Tuesday with my Mum to stroll around the Olympic Park (I’ve never known anyone apart from Freddie so excited to go to Stratford but there you go!). I grabbed a coffee, Freddie ran around pretending to be a train and all was right with the world- until I took Sasha on the world’s fastest Helter Skelter which she was definitely not impressed with! There was brilliant colourful bus exhibition for Kids Company, run by TFL, that F & S really enjoyed. We had delicious lunch in Jamie’s Italian in Westfield, and despite Freddie not feeling 100% as lunch progressed, we still managed to have a great day.
  • Having my Sister-in-law and baby niece over for lunch along with my Mum. She’s getting so big, and it’s so lovely to spend time with her, as they live over the other side of London and it can be tricky to find time to all see other, what with work/kids schedules.
  • A pre-Valentines night out with Adam. We thought we were being clever by booking a table for the day before (we don’t really do Valentines you see), but the restaurant ended up having the full Valentines ‘shebang’ anyway, with balloons, special menu, the works! The food was pretty decent though overall, and after we went to the local pub, argued over the quiz machines, before doing some dubious dancing (me) to a swing band that was playing- good (romantic) times!
  • Coffee. Sounds sad, but after some bad sleep with the children this past week, I am very grateful for the caffeine pick up!

So that’s my week- how was yours?!


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  1. February 22, 2015 / 7:35 am

    Love your list hon, so much to be happy about. I’m totally with you on the little things and definitely coffee!!! Nice that you’ve had such a great half term. Your new site is gorgeous btw xxxx

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