So… we have some news….

If you haven’t seen either my Facebook or Instagram yesterday (thanks for all of your good wishes), our family is very excited to announce that we have another member joining our family- baby Freeman no 3 is due in June next year!

After thinking that we were totally ‘done’ after having Freddie and Sasha, the past year or so we started umming and aaahing and all of a sudden our family didn’t feel quite complete. So we decided to be ‘brave’ and go for it. I think because we had a boy then a girl (SO many well-meaning comments of “what a perfect pair, you don’t need anymore!” *eye roll*), and also because we had two children within 15 months and it was quite intense, I think we convinced ourselves that was ‘it’. We sold or gave away all of our baby stuff, bar a few treasured items of clothing, and all thoughts of nappies, weaning and buggies seemed like a distant memory, but one now that we’re excited to be doing again (well, maybe not the sleepless nights, rooting for a good sleeper here). 

It’s a bit scary starting from scratch again, although I think we’re in a good position experience-wise and I hope we’ll be a lot more laid back this time around. With a gap of 5 and 6 years between the baby and Freddie and Sasha, I’ll have a lot more time with he/she whilst the big two are at school. The difference this time is that I plan on going back to work after 6 months (all going well) for 2 days a week as I don’t want to lose my career, plus fitting in work from home, so this baby will be in nursery a couple of days a week, something that we hadn’t done before. Whilst I feel okay about that now I hope I still feel the same when the time comes!

Pregnancy-wise I felt horrendous for the first 4 weeks, much worse than I did with the other two- I felt constantly nauseous, hormonal and absolutely knackered, but from 8 weeks all that stopped and bar being tired in the evenings now (falling asleep on the sofa at 8.30 is common!) I feel okay. Bit of a shock to the system though, I must just be getting older!

The children are extremely excited about being a big brother and sister which is a relief. Interestingly, despite being obsessed with babies and dolls it seems to be taking Sasha longer for the news to sink in and she seemed a little wary, possibly because at 4 it’s harder for her to understand what it really means. Freddie. however, has been just the sweetest, and even though he’s only a year older than Sasha, seems to have better understanding. Last night, whilst he was in bed, he called me up to their room, and offered me the cloth he sleeps with “so you can put it over your tummy Mummy and keep the baby warm”, and this morning came running in at 6am(zzzzz) to ask if i’d managed to keep the baby warm last night. Very cute.

Here’s hoping that enthusiasm lasts! 

We have no preference as to whether the baby is a boy or a girl, we just want a healthy baby, especially as I feel that with number 3 there is an element of ‘pushing your luck’ (I wonder if I’m alone in feeling this?), so we really, really want everything to be okay. Predictably, Freddie wants a brother and Sasha wants a sister and is convinced the baby is a girl- sadly someone will be disappointed! It would be great if the baby were a boy, as Freddie is the only boy on both sides of the family, with a sister and 4 girl cousins, so it would be lovely for him in that respect. Equally I would love a girl, as with two brothers myself I never had a sister so it would be lovely to witness a sisterly relationship.

Either way we are delighted, and roll on June 2017! 

10 thoughts on “Three!”

  1. Huge congrats lovely! We are very much done but I’m going to watch your updates with interest as, if we decided we would quite like a third (never gonna happen) we would have a similar age gap to yours! I am so excited for you x

    1. Thanks so much lovely and sorry about the slow reply- the run up to Christmas was so hectic! I totally think you should have a third, just think of all that space now you’ve had your new extension 😉 x

  2. That’s so sweet of Freddie! And I don’t think you are alone, I feel a bit like it might be pushing our luck if we decided to have a fourth. There’s no rhyme or reason for feeling that way, but I think it’s a completely natural thought process.

  3. Congratulations! Sorry, bit late to the party! We’ve just had our 4th and we’re loving it! We’ve also done the part time nursery thing with all of ours and it’s not as daunting as it feels.
    Ours have really loved nursery and the mixed week and I think it’s done them a lot good socially and academically. Good luck! It will be huge fun! Xx

    1. Thanks so much Jemma, it reassures me when people have a 4th baby that 3 wasn’t so bad, and congrats on your new arrival! x

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