Seeds To Sow Now For Summer

This year spring seems to have approached out of the blue and gone are those horrible cold days in favour of sunshine and fresh air. Now that spring is beginning once again it is time for you to start planning what you want to do in your garden for the year to come. You may think you still have plenty of time to plan your gardening for the year and to sow seeds, but there are a lot of seeds that should be sown right now for an early summer bloom. 

Today we want to share with you the seeds you can pick up from a site such as Boston Seeds to bring your garden to life nice and early! 


The first seed we want to share is one that brings beautiful white flowers and stunning red fruits, and is beloved by all… the strawberry. Strawberry plants are actually fairly easy to grow and they work amazingly in small window boxes or hanging baskets. If you sow the seeds now, they will have plenty of time to grow and develop and by May or June you’ll have juicy fruit to eat!

Sweet peas

Sweet peas are NOT EDIBLE. When they grow they show off some beautiful seed pods but make sure that you don’t eat them. Sweet peas come in a range of colours from white to pink to red and purple, and can create a beautiful climbing display for a trellis or wall. Sow these seeds nice and early and by June and July you’ll have some stunning plants blooming. 

Wildflower mix

A wildflower mix consists of a lot of different plants such as cornflowers and poppies, and these diverse plants are ideal to add some low fuss colour to the garden while attracting butterflies and bees. To sow this kind of mix simply churn up your flowerbed a little and sprinkle the seeds on top. After a month or two you’ll have a mix of yellow, blue, red, and pink to enjoy throughout the summer, and you’ll see lots of lovely animals too.


Poppies come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, and are perhaps one of the most popular plants in the garden. You can sow poppy seeds from the beginning of march and by the summer you will have a garden that is full to the brim with bright colour. When the flowers die off towards the end of summer be sure to collect the seeds and store them for next year!


When we think of spring and summer, most of us think about bright yellow sunshine and beautiful blooms. Marigolds are the ideal personification of this and these stunning flowers are a dream to have in the garden throughout the summer months. Sow these seeds nice and early and you’ll be able to enjoy these bright yellow and orange flowers throughout the summer. To prolong flowering of marigolds, be sure to deadhead them regularly and the plant will produce more flowers and will bloom for twice as long!


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