The Best Ways to Protect Your Garden from Pests

It can become very frustrating when all of your hard work and efforts to create a beautiful garden, are trampled on by the pests that like to wriggle their way into your garden and make their mark on your prized tomatoes (something that happened to us this year, the beasties liked to munch away!). To prevent pests from coming and ruining your gorgeous garden, as well as preventing diseases that can be spread around the area from insects and you can follow these simple tips and have comfort in the fact that you’ve protected your garden from pests.

Insects and Bugs

Whilst you don’t want to stop wildlife from enjoying your garden, as not all have a negative effect on the outdoor space you have, you do want to prevent certain insects and bugs from nestling their way in and nibbling away at your plants. For some insects, they are actually large enough for you to see, which means you can remove them from the garden yourself. If you see certain bugs crawling their way around the garden then you can safely pick them up and move them on to another outdoor space. However, always be aware of how close your compost heap is to your home, as well as your plants/flowers. There is always a chance that you might get an infestation within your four walls and you will need to call in professionals that offer Cockroach Control or similar services to get these pets out of your home. You should then be cautious when adding certain items to your compost pile, as certain dead things can cause your compost pile to crawl with bugs. Dead and decaying fruit is the number one magnet for unwanted insects, so if you want to avoid them at all costs then don’t throw your waste fruit onto the compost pile. 

Block Them Out

One of the most successful ways to keep pests away from your beautiful plants and flowers is to protect the area with some kind of barrier. There are lots of different ways in which you can do this, dependant on the style and size of your garden, as well as how much you want to spend. The first way to keep them out of the garden altogether is to introduce some fencing to your garden. Fences are ideal for keeping out pests such as rabbits, dogs and other animals that live close to you. For smaller, harder to spot bugs and insects you can look at introducing some insect netting to the flowerbeds. You will also find that insect netting is actually beneficial to keep birds from being able to peck at your lovely flowers. The benefit to insect netting is that it’s lightweight and will not have any negative influence on the growth or condition of your plants.

Different Pesticides

There are different ways in which you can use pesticides to deter unwanted pests from your garden. From natural kinds such as garlic spray, salt and even oil. You then have a selection of pesticides that are available from local garden centres that you can buy to use in your garden and keep unwanted pests away from your flowerbeds. The beneficial thing about the natural and shop bought pesticides is that they won’t cause any problems to your flowers and plants, but it’s important to always check what you’re adding to your garden and ensure it’s safe for use. With garden pesticides, you also need to maintain a frequent process of applying them to the areas in need, as if you don’t manage your garden often enough, the pesticides won’t work to their full potential.

Have you had problems with pests in your garden this year? How do you treat them?


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