Advice For Campervan Enthusiasts

Getting out into the world and exploring it is at the top of most people’s bucket list. Let’s face it, there are not many better ways to do it than by cruising in a campervan. The freedom it gives you the ability to stop pretty much anywhere and have some sleep. The open road before you, the wind in your hair, well kind of, if you can get your camper to move that fast. If you can spare the time to really enjoy the adventure a campervan can give you, then it is a holiday like no other. You will experience things that you cannot any other way. Here are a few things to think about before you take your adventure:

Get the right camper

There are many different types of campervan. There is the small sort of vintage VW camper, which can see you squashed up in the back. Do you want one that looks like a transit van? Then there are some huge motorhomes that are more like coaches and can sleep six people or more. These can obviously set you back a grand sum. So, you need to decide how much luxury you need or are prepared to live without. How many people will be going and the amenities you want your campervan to have. Things to consider are the type of toilet and cassette, the size fridge, the cooking experience, the shower, how many liters of water it can hold, etc. If you plan to be going off-road a lot to maximize your trip, you will need one of the Austrack Campers, for example. You also need to be aware that these are no cheap vehicles, so you may want to get a decent second hand one. Unless you are going to be renting one, as this is an option a lot of people go for.

Can you drive it?

If you are used to driving a little runaround, then you may find the transition to a campervan a bit challenging. Depending on the types you get, they are usually slower to get moving, and they are heavier, and with all that stuff in the back, maybe a little bit more distracting. They have a larger turning circle too, so you may need some practice. If you are not used to a manual as you have only driven automatics, it is not wise to get a manual campervan, stick to what you know. 

Get used to having no personal space

If you are traveling with family, or just you and your partner, there will be very little alone time. You will really get to know your partner on a trip like this. Your personal space will be invaded all the time, but this sacrifice will be rewarded with the bond you will develop and all the sights you will see. Personal space is not all it’s cracked up to be anyway. You will share something so much more worthwhile. 

Go rogue

You are going to be traveling in a campervan, so you do not need to worry where the next hotel or BnB is. You can go anywhere and take any road. It is a completely flexible way of traveling. If you want to see that sightseeing spot 30 miles in the other direction, do it. There is nothing to stop you. Going rouge and feeling free is all part of the allure of traveling in a camper, so don’t be too sensible and always stick to the beaten track.

Have a rough plan

Although going rogue is part of the adventure, you are obviously going to need to do some planning. For example, you are going to need to know where to empty the toilet and fill up your water. So if you have a rough route in mind, this will help. In some places, it may help if you joined a motorhome or campervan club so you can get cheaper campsites if you want to simply relax for a few days. There are also designated places you can stay for free. In Europe, they are known as Aires where you can stay and sort out the water and toilet etc. Doing a bit of planning and research before can save you money and time.

Be sparing

When you travel this way, you will really notice how much water you use, for example. You are simply not going to be able to have your long hot shower every day, especially if you are going to be away from a water point for a while. You may have to get used to showers every few days, if that, as the water you have will be needed for more important things, like drinking! But, this is all part of the fun, and you’re in it together. So, make sure you bring a good deodorant. When you get to a water point, you can wash then, who knows you may even be able to give the camper a clean too.


It may be worth your while, getting your head together and really thinking about what you need. This is not like an ordinary holiday. It is a home on wheels. So, you will need all the usual clothes, sun-tan lotion, etc., but you will also need food items and cutlery. So think of plastic plates and cups to avoid things smashing. How about a whistling kettle where the only thing that opens is a little aperture in the nozzle. You are going to need duvets and pillows too, don’t forget the towels. You have to bring all these things while adhering to all the spatial issues that stuffing it all into a confined space will bring. Many campervans though are miraculously designed, and you may be surprised just how much you can take. In addition, everything needs to be tied down. You can’t have anything left on tables that can bounce about and go flying. This could distract the driver and can, therefore, end up being dangerous. So think ahead about all the things you will need. 



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