Playing outdoors: how to ensure your kids’ safety

Whether they are meeting friends or finding a tree to climb, children love to play outdoors. It is a wonderful way for them to stretch their legs and have fun at the same time. However, due to their rash nature, keeping children safe outdoors can be challenging and always requires taking some precautions. To help keep your little one safe, here are some simple tips that you can use on a day-to-day basis.


Explain the rules
One effective way to help protect your children is by laying out clear rules. These don’t need to be complicated but it’s important you help them understand what dangers surround them by explaining what they can and can’t do. For example, do not talk to strangers, do not run away from the parents, and similar.

Children are naturally curious, and they might come across things that may not appear to be dangerous. Let them know that things in the real world can be dangerous and rules will help to protect them.

Safety equipment and an extra layer of protection

Children will undoubtedly put themselves in the way of harm and sometimes a protective layer is needed to help keep them safe. For instance, when going for a bike ride, always ensure they are wearing a helmet as well as knee and elbow pads.

Hot sun, frostbite, dehydration – these are all naturally occurring dangers that face your children outdoors. To keep your children safe from these threats, ensure they do not go outside when there is harsh weather forecasted. If you do choose to let your kids play outside, try to protect them from the elements as best as you can. Sunscreen for hot weather and warm clothing and gloves for the cold are a must.

Where possible, always keep an eye on your children as they can quickly find themselves in danger. You don’t need to necessarily keep your eyes on them every second but be aware of what they are doing and any surrounding hazards. Remaining vigilant in this way can be one of the most important factors in protecting your children as you can intervene whenever they come close to danger at a moment’s notice.

Ensure a secure environment

Even if you are doing all of the above and more, accidents can still happen. The risks of an accident are significantly higher if your children are outside around faulty playground equipment. When you are in a public shared area like this, ensure the environment is secure and that general wear and tear has not damaged the apparatus your children are using. Keep an eye out for any dangerous objects laying on the ground too.

Should your child be injured by faulty equipment, and it is not their fault, you may want to contact someone for legal advice as they may be eligible for some compensation for their injuries.

As much as we would all like to, it is not always possible to keep children completely safe from danger. There are however things that we can do to limit the chances of them being put in harm’s way. Keep these tips in mind when your children are playing outdoors and they will certainly be a lot safer.


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