A touch of neon for our kitchen – NEON87 Light Review (Ad)

One of the most fun things since we’ve had our kitchen renovation has been the whole ‘styling’ of the space, and enjoying faffing with our kitchen shelves, as well as considering artwork and accessories. So when Neon87 got in touch to see if I’d like to test out one of their fantastic lights from their mini collection, I jumped at the chance to pick something for our kitchen space!

Formed in 2018, Neon87 introduce a brand new glass neon alternative to businesses and homes all over the world, and since then they have opened a large UK based studio making most of their signs in house, and are actively looking for a brand new USA studio location.

When it came to deciding which style and colour of light to choose from, it was a tough decision! There are so many options, and I whilst I was particularly drawn to Rolling Stone, Banana and PacMan neon lights, I decided in the end to go for the hot pink ‘coffee’ mini light, as we sure do drink a lot of coffee in our house! Neon87’s lights come in a variety of different colours, so there are plenty of options to choose from. 

The light arrived quickly and was really well packaged. The light was supplied with ‘command strips’ that stick the light firmly to the wall, and I must admit that I was worried that they would show under the light, but as it happens my fears were unfounded and you can barely see them unless you squint! The lights plug in and whilst the cable is visible, it’s certainly not intrusive, as you can see from the photos. 

Once turned on, the neon light looks fab either day or not- you can see the differences in the photos I’ve shown here- first photo is with light off, second light on, third one at night:

We’re delighted with our new light, it’s excellent quality and the kids love it (Sasha has said that she would like one when we give her room a mini makeover in the near future, and I’ve seen a fab dinosaur one that I think Arlo would love for his room!)

Thanks so much Neon87 for giving our kitchen some extra ‘pizazz’ and a huge talking point when our friends and family have been over! 


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