Why Dancing Sets Up Your Kids For Life

Dancing is one of the strangest things that people do. There’s no reason for it. You’re not trying to get anywhere when you do it. And yet it can be one of the most life-affirming activities you can engage in. 

Dancing is a little bit like music – and clearly, the two go hand-in-hand. That’s because it’s all about what you’re doing from moment to moment. You’re not trying to get anywhere or achieve anything. You’re simply enjoying the experience for what it is. 

child dancing

Kids especially can benefit from dancing. Here’s why:

It’s Teaches Them The Value Of The Present

Kids spend most of their childhoods worrying about the future. Being young isn’t a celebratory experience – it’s a miserable grind towards high grades and, hopefully, a good economic future. 

Dancing is a way to sidestep this racket and actually enjoy life a little. Because it’s just about moving the body, it can have a profound effect on kids’ state of mind. Being present encourages them to think less about the future and more what they can do right now to enjoy their experience. 

It Improves Health

Have you ever noticed that dancers seem to have the best physiques and health. That’s not a coincidence. It turns out that dance taxes every aspect of your body, from your muscles to your heart to your nervous system. Exercising each of these helps to generate profound results. Dance makes you move in a natural, rhythmic way – almost as nature intended. 

It Encourages Socialization

Whether your children go to boys ballet or girl’s tap, all dance classes encourage a high level of social activity. When kids dance, they learn to bounce their movements off others, working in concert with everybody else to a strict routine. Unless they are dancing solo, they rarely just go off and do their own thing. 

It Boosts Cognition

There’s also evidence to suggest that dancing boosts cognition in developing children. For example, regular classes may help kids improve their time management and self-discipline. 

Dancing also allows children to experience what it is like trying to create a work-life balance. Many have to juggle their school work with extra-curricular classes, preparing them for the kind of organization they will need during adult life. 

It Improves Confidence

Many children these days grow up without ever really mastering their own bodies. They spend so much time in front of electronic devices, that the ability to control one’s movements takes a back seat. 

Dance, however, is a great tool for stopping this process in its tracks. Because it is so demanding on the mind and body, it helps give kids confidence that they can control their bodies and use them how they want. 

There’s also evidence that it can enhance emotional wellbeing by providing children with a structured outlet. In that sense, it’s a little bit like yoga. It’s a tool that kids can use to release any tension or stress from their bodies. And that beneficial effect can filter through to many other aspects of their lives, such as their school work. 


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