4 Tips for Rejuvenating the Home

When you’ve lived in the same home for many years, have no plans to move, but are feeling a little stuck, it’s time to shake things up! Rather than doing something just for the sake of it, make it practical. Look at what you can add or alter to make better use of the existing space. Here are 4 suggestions to get your mind flowing.

fire pit

Create a Fire Pit

A fire pit would be an excellent new use of the backyard to provide a point of focus for visitors and family alike, as long as the kids are old enough to be sensible around it – otherwise, they may need to be kept indoors or tucked away for the night before lighting it.

Enjoy the warmth of a fire pit while sitting around sharing stories and having a great time. Fire pits can be supported by a bottle of propane as an independent energy source. You can get a good supply from Discount Propane. They’ve been supporting Floridians for many years with dependable, portable energy to the home.

Refinish the Hardwood Flooring

For older homes with hardwood flooring that has already supported hundreds of thousands of footsteps, it’s likely now showing its age. While the flooring itself is probably still holding up, maybe the surface doesn’t reflect that reality. It’s time to refinish the wood flooring by sanding it down, treating it, and then resurfacing the wood to bring out the original grain. With quality timber, it’s durable enough to not require replacing. But certainly, take a look at how sturdy it feels to make a final assessment.

Add Smart Home Features

Smart homes provide a sense of ease that isn’t present when you’re having to do everything yourself. For instance, if you have a smart door lock and camera system, it’s possible to let a friend in who arrives before you’re done at the supermarket. Also, if you’re unsure whether to head home to pick up a package that has been left and to avoid the growing risk of  ‘porch pirates,’ then a smart security system can help there too. Depending on where the package has been deposited, you may decide to head home sooner if it’s in plain view from the street.

Similarly, other smart home features can provide upgraded facilities to better control aspects of your home’s functionality even when you’re at the downtown office.

Improve the Curb Appeal

To feel happier about your home, don’t just think about the curb appeal as something that matters to visitors. When arriving back and entering the driveway, feeling good about the front of your home matters too.

See if any plants need some TLC. Clean up the porch to make it more presentable. Look to see if a lick of paint wouldn’t go a miss on the exterior of the home, the porch, or elsewhere. Also, see what can be done if there’s a loose brick or two along the front wall or another kind of property line separator that needs repairing.

By making adjustments to your home life, adding a few new features, and sprucing it up a bit, you won’t feel like it’s necessary to move just yet. And the feeling of being stuck should disappear for a while too.


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