Finishing Touches, HomeSense Excitement and WIN! a £100 HomeSense Gift Card


Those who know and read this blog, will know that I am somewhat of an interiors nut- whether it’s doing up and renovating my own home, reading other interior-loving blogs, or catching up on the latest trends, I just love, love, LOVE all things homey. 

Which is why I still can’t believe that I hadn’t set foot until recently in a HomeSense, THE shop for all things interiors at very reasonable prices. A trip with the kids to Jump Giants in Dartford during February half term had me veering off-course with them post-bounce once I’d realised how close a store was, and swiftly hotfooting it into one of their stores. 

Definitely worth the extra M25 rush hour traffic home! 

Whilst I was fairly restrained during that visit, it won’t be long before I no-doubt bring a carload of new HomeSense purchases back with me.

Having recently done up and renovated our new home, with just the finishing touches to go, I’m looking forward to another trip sans kids to pick up some new homeware. I’m going to be looking for stylish-yet-useful storage for our kitchen and new baby’s room, prints for the hallways, excellent al-fresco patio accessories, a funky new dinner service, and some new bed linen as an addition to our newly decorated bedroom

There’s also something about Spring that makes you want to ditch the Hygge, throw open those windows and get your spring clean and accessorize on. Well, maybe not quite so enthusiastic about the cleaning, but you catch my drift…

And to celebrate a new season and tweaking your home, I’m feeling generous today as I have a whopping £100 HomeSense gift card to give away to one lucky blog reader.

All you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter below, using as many options as you’d like. 

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions: Competition closes at 11.59pm GMT on Sunday 30th April 2017. Entries received after this time and date will not be valid. Giveaway open to UK residents only. Entrants must be 18 and over. Winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter after the closing date and will be notified within 5 days of competition end. Only entrants received via the Rafflecopter widget will be considered valid. The prize is a £100 HomeSense Gift Card- no cash alternatives to the stated prize will be offered.

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437 thoughts on “Finishing Touches, HomeSense Excitement and WIN! a £100 HomeSense Gift Card”

  1. I love HomeSense. This spring it’s the family bathroom that’s getting a make over, I have new cabinets and a lovely pale grey paint, now I just need hubby to pull his finger out and get it done.

  2. My bedroom because at the moment it is very boring and basic! I want a nice neat pretty room all fresh for the summer season 🙂

  3. We’re in the process of buying our first home and I think if I was lucky enough to win this I’d use it for the kitchen.

  4. we would like to sort out the Dining room and redesign the bedroom – Pammie thinks French Colonial, I will pretend I know what that means!!!

  5. Great competition, thanks so much for the chance to win this lovely prize. Very happily liked and shared your post and page on Facebook.

  6. I’m always tweaking my garden; it’s divided into separate areas or rooms as I call them.
    HomeSense is fantastic, I’ve found many a quirky gem and love delving through all the pots and ornaments
    hoping to find something a bit different for the garden.

  7. I would love to tweak the living room – we could just do with sprucing up the soft furnishings and make it look a bit less tatty! 🙂

  8. I’m moving into my first home so I’d love to tackle all rooms but i think the bedroom may be the top priority!

  9. I’d love to do something with the master bedroom, since we moved in last year we haven’t done anything in there, its become a man cave more than a bedroom , (much to hubbies delight) x

  10. The bedroom – its turned into a dumping ground for half the random crap in our flat and badly needs clearing out and a facelift 😀

  11. I’d love to tweak my bedroom. Just some new bed linen would make all the difference. Spring colours and designs would really enhance the room.

  12. My living room, perhaps new furniture probably smaller furniture & a fire surround would be lovely 🙂 x

  13. Definately our dining room which is looking a little tired and dull and needs some colourful accessories and fresh paint

  14. My wife wants to convert our now empty second bedroom into a sewing/craft room for herself, so this would be fab!

  15. I’d love to sort our lounge/dining room. We’ve gone for plain magnolia walls, abd neutral furniture, with the intention of jazzing it up with colourful accessories.

  16. My bedroom-it’s still in the 80s but we are gradually stripping and redoing! I’d love to pick a few gorgeous furnishings out for it to make it finally somewhere I’m happy to be in!

  17. I would like to freshen up the kitchen with a bit of colour, a new kettle and taster set in a cheery colour would be nice

  18. My bedroom needs a major overhaul after getting the children’s rooms looking how I want them, mines now a little neglected. I pin hundreds of ideas but never get round to doing it!

  19. I’m right in the middle of decorating my dining room, so this would be a great help with the finishing touches.

  20. My bedroom & my bathroom are the two rooms I’m looking to update over Easter. Just deciding what colour paints to use

  21. My kitchen needs a tweak this spring its lacking love and needs bringing into the light by refreshing it right up

  22. I’d like to get some spring scented candles…nice fresh smells. That and a big mirror to make the living room feel bigger and brighter.

  23. I would love to make my bedroom look better. It could definitely do with a splash of colour and a few quirky bits and bobs. Love Homesense for one off pieces

  24. I would love to update my bedroom as ive just swapped rooms with my son so need to make it pretty for an adult

  25. I’d love to do up my baby’s room, she doesn’t sleep in there yet so it’s currently being used as the laundry room! I’d love to make it nice for her for when she does finally go in it.

  26. My lounge. We’ve been looking back at photos and realised that it’s been the same style for years!

  27. I’m in love with those plates!! I’ve never stepped foot in Homesense either despite there being one so close to where I live! I’m definitely dragging my husband there soon!

  28. I’d love to get some new throws, cushions and artificial flowers and give the bedroom a lighter spring-like make-over. I’d love to add some dusky pink tones to my light grey bedroom 🙂

  29. I have quite a small kitchen and lots of bits on the kitchen sides, so I would like to clear that all up and buy some organisers for the sides and in the cupboards”

  30. I only discovered HomeSense about a year ago and like you, couldn’t believe it had taken me so long! I love the soft furnishings and accessories in HomeSense but the bathroom stuff i pretty cool too.

  31. My bedroom – it is DULL DULL DULL! Living in a rented house means I can’t change the dreadful magnolia walls and wood effect doors. But introducing a pop of colour via soft furnishings would be great.

  32. I’m hoping to finish making my bedroom look pretty, I’ve made some progress in the past few months but I’m not quite finished. 🙂

  33. We’re hoping to re-do several rooms this year — we’re well overdue for some decorating! but if we win this voucher, I’d probably spend it on the living room.

  34. We had an extension built last year, the whole process was exhausting so we basically gave the new rooms a lick of paint and then moved furniture straight in. I want to finish off the rooms with some nice wall art and accessories

  35. my living room – its in that awkward half decorated stage at the moment, needs finishing off and then I can get accessories and make it actually look homely

  36. My hall: it’s the first thing people see when they visit your house and mine looks tired and boring. I’d love to bring it to life with some nice pictures, a radiator shelf and some lovely vases and ornaments.

  37. I’d like to tweak my living, the last person who lived here didn’t look after it really well and it really needs improvements

  38. We moved into a new build house last year, and we are still finding the time & money to decorate. The room most in need of a facelift is our bedroom, it’s so bare and empty, and has bare plaster on one of the walls, that the builders still haven’t fixed! xx

  39. My living room definitely needs a bit of a refresh! I’d love to go and get some giant cushions from Homesense – my friend got some recently and they’re gorgeous! 🙂

  40. I would love to do up our living room a little. I want to paint the walls white instead of cream and then get some lovely bits for the shelves! Homesense is great for that kind of thing.

  41. My bathroom its probably about 30 years old. I spruce it up with bright towels and zinc accessories

  42. We’re in dire need of sprucing up the living room, some new throws for the sofa and new cushions – the cats have destroyed what’s currently there!

  43. I would love some new plates and bowls to add some sparkle to my kitchen and dining room plus I made the mistake last time of buying square ones that don’t go around in the microwave so this time I’d love rounds ones lol xx

  44. Our whole bungalow needs a spruce but we’re on the kitchen at the mo and need a rug for it so a Homesense voucher would be perfect right about now!

  45. I’d love to slightly refresh my front room by adding some brighter touches like new cushions and lampshades

  46. Definitely my befroom. I suffer terribly from insomnia so coukd do with a more rekaxing ambience…ooh. fab giveaway would love to be your lucky winner. Fingers crossed

  47. I’d like to add some things to the bathroom to brighten it up and make it more organised.

  48. I would love to update our kitchen…. it always seems so dark and dingy! would love to freshen it up.

  49. The living room, all that’s in it is a sofa, chair and table, it feels so empty especially the walls, definitely in need of a revamp

  50. Our hallway – we’ve so many beautiful prints that our Easter plans are framing and hanging them!

  51. I would love to freshen up our interior doors, something we’ve put off and put off but I’m about to graduate uni and get a job so hopefully we can afford to do little bits like that soon!

  52. I’m moving my son into a different room to make way for the new arrival so his new room will need tweaking

  53. My two youngest sons bedroom is in desperate need of decorating but if I was lucky enough to get a Homesense voucher I would have to treat my daughter because its her favourite shop.

  54. I’m actually hoping to make small changes throughout the whole house, my partner and I separated in December and I’d like to make the house feel more like mine 🙂

  55. For me it would have to be the spare bedroom. New curtains, bedding and cushions would make a massive difference

  56. I’d like to tweak my bedroom. It is definitely the most neglected room in the house and yet it is the most important because I sleep there. Too much clutter, time to be ruthless!

  57. I’ve just finished re-decorating my son’s room. The dining room is next on the hit list – some rather nasty woodchip wallpaper to be dealt with!!

  58. I think the kitchen – it needs painting and with a new colour on the walls, I plan to change the blinds and a few accessories on the worktop, too.

  59. My bedroom needs decorating to freshen it up. I want to emulsion three of the walls in a different colour. My kitchen wall in the diner bit needs fresh wallpaper on as well

  60. Our bedroom. The kids had their rooms completed when we moved in but ours never did get to the finished stage due to re-decorating over handprints etc. Now they are a little older and taking care of things more it would be lovely to focus on our room.

  61. The living room! Our living room hasn’t had any attention for years and is badly in need of it, it’s so dated – some carefully chosen accessories would make all the difference!


  63. I would update my kitchen. I need a new Brita type filter and I would give the walls a lick of paint. Need to get a blind for the back door, but I have been promising myself that for some time now

  64. We are currently converting our living room to an open plan living room/kitchen, not an easy task! I’m looking for items to tie in both parts of the room! Possibly cushions and throws and a new dinner plates. I just wish it to be an inviting colourful and creative feeling area for the whole family to rest in. Oh and to get the creative juices flowing at homework time!!

  65. All of it apart from my livingroom! We moved in in October and managed to get the livingroom completely sorted before Christmas and was meant to restart on the house after Christmas was out of the way, but its still not done.

  66. I want to makeover the lounge. Our cushions are beautiful but after years of use they are now a little threadbare. I bought them at TK Maxx, before they split off the HomeSense part so I know it is a great place to find a bargain.

  67. I’d like to tweak the bedroom – it’s the room that gets neglected and needs brightening up

  68. Were just in the process of selling;buying a new home, in our new place I’d like to revamp the living room first.

  69. My living room! It feels so boring and plain it really does need tweaking and some life put into it x

  70. My bedroom. As I fell pregnant just after moving we set up the nursery but my bedroom doesn’t even have a curtain yet

  71. Our living room could do with some nice pieces…. accidentally input my Pinterest username wrong (thank you hand slamming toddler!) should be chubbard1655 x

  72. As always I have left it to the last minute but really want to overhaul the conservatory in time for the summer

  73. My Daughters bedroom as she is in the smallest bedroom at the moment and needs to move into the bigger room now my son has left home so it needs a girly makeover first

  74. The bathroom – literally just planning to have the whole room gutted and re-done with a new suite, tiling and accessories.

  75. The whole house but the kitchen is the most important place to start as we spend so much time in there

  76. My living room needs a makeover, so I am just in the middle of redecorating. I’m sure I could purchase lots of lovely things from Homesense to complete my finished look.

  77. I’d love to give my bedroom a make over, it’s starting to look a bit tired & id love to make it more cosy

  78. Our conservatory that doubles as a playroom for my grandchildren, I need to rethink storage solutions

  79. Id like to tweak my living room as need a few more accessories as my house has been a project from start to finish

  80. I went into homesence , for the first time on wednesday as I had never heard of them before, what a fantastic shop, would love to buy lots of kitchen eqipment

  81. Well after finally sorting out the garden, it would have to be my bedroom. Always last on the list to sort out, so would definitely treat myself and get it sorted out for a few years.

  82. Homesense have such gorgeous bits and pieces and some extraordinary finds! I would love to give our lounge a revamp this year!

  83. I would really love to tweak my living room this spring – I think it definitely could do with brightening up a little!

  84. I have just decorated my bedroom and had new flooring and blinds but it is lacking accessories and looks plain at the moment

  85. Our bedroom is in serious need of a little love. The rest of the house is ok, just seem to have missed that room out for some reason!

  86. our bedroom, its the only room in the house that hasn’t has anything done to it, being a military family and on the move every few years main priority has always been our sons room and the living room! x

  87. I would love to update our bathrooms, add matching towels, bins, toilet roll and towel holders. It would be lovely to have all matching for a change

  88. I would like to make the living room and conservatory a bit more usable leading into the garden in the summer months.

  89. My lounge. I’ve ordered a new sofa in a totally different colour to my colour scheme, so I’ll have to redecorate. I’ll have to paint the walls, change my feature wall. I’ll also have to buy new cushions, curtains and a rug, plus other home furnishings.

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