Review: ‘Inner-Soul Skin’ Signature Holistic Facial

I had a good week last week, and one of the reasons for my upbeat mood was getting the kind of email that makes me jump for joy- an email asking me to review a facial! Right up my street at the moment, especially since my lack of sleep the past few weeks has meant that my face is looking less ‘glow’ and a lot more ‘woe’. I was keen to have some ‘me’ time whilst the children were at school and to see if anyone could help salvage my tired, tired face. 

The lady up to the challenge was Emma Coleman, who runs uber-successful holistic skincare company ‘Inner-Soul Skin’ and founder of ‘Inner Soul Organics’ skincare. Based in Farnborough Park, Orpington, not too far from where I live, I made the short drive to her welcoming home studio. My kinda Wednesday morning! 

After a quick chat and offering me a glass of water, Emma ran through my health and skin history, taking into account the fact that I was 28 weeks pregnant before using any products on me. I was due to review a ‘Signature Facial’, and Emma ran through what this would involve, and also offered me the chance to have some pregnancy-friendly reflexology on my feet whilst my face mask was on (and yes, I nearly bit her hand off for this!). 

Skin-wise, I’ve always had pretty OK skin, even as a teenager, although weirdly I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older I seem to have more hormonal break outs on my chin and around my nose. Being pregnant has actually made my skin better, but I have to admit that a lot of that is probably down to cutting out alcohol! I still suffer from dark shadows though, and being fair-skinned, I definitely wouldn’t say that my skin was particularly ‘glowing’. I was keen to see if a facial would make any difference. 

First up, Emma cleansed my skin thoroughly whilst I lay back on the comfy bed, although left on my eye make up as I had places to be post-facial. Next, she had prepared a facial that suited my skin, as well as the fact that I was pregnant, with an appropriate routine and products. My facial aims were to reduce pregnancy hormonal breakouts, tiredness and to regulate sebum production.

As well as using warm oils to massage into the face, Emma carried out some facial reflexology. This was to balance meridians over the face and remove congestion within specific systems in the body, focusing on Endocrine (hormonal) system, nervous system and the digestive system. She then carried out lymphatic drainage massage, designed to reduce tension and excess fluid around the face and aid toxin release. 

After this, I had a soothing bespoke face mask applied with a brush. As I’m in the third trimester, Emma chose a magnesium and enzyme-rich blend of French green clay, honey, liquorice root, starflower and rose to deeply cleanse, balance sebum and aid production of new collagen skin cells. 

Whilst the mask was left on for 15 minutes, the foot reflexology was the icing on the cake, and my luminous white, winter-shielded trotters were thankful for the massage.

The whole facial experience was ridiculously relaxing, and I surprised myself by falling asleep, only to woken, oh, just the 5 times by my own pregnancy snoring #embarrassing. Emma, however, was a total pro and completely unfazed by the dozing walrus in front of her.

When the facial was finished, Emma allowed me time to wake up a little from under my cosy, faux-fur throw, and sip on another glass of water to re-hydrate. I couldn’t believe the time was over already, and I practically floated home in the car when it was time to leave, armed with some of the lovely products used. 

On my return, I was over the moon to discover that aside from a little eye make up touch up, my skin did ACTUALLY GLOW, and I didn’t need anything on it for the school run, dentist appointment, and, more crucially, dinner with friends that evening. No mean feat when you’re as pale as myself usually, and therefore achieving a glow, even on fairly good skin, can be hard work. 

It’s funny, as I’ve had massages and reflexology before for the odd treat, as well as regular gel manicures and pedicures, but a facial always felt extremely indulgent and something I couldn’t justify. Now, however, I’m going to make it part of my beauty routine every few months. After all, as a parent of small children (who as much as I love them, have ruined my face through 5.30am starts!), it’s nice to do something for yourself and you only get one face, right?!


If you’re in the South East London or Kent areas, you can book a Signature Facial by paying a visit to the Inner-Soul Skin website or call Emma herself on 07961 152324. 


*I received this facial in exchange for an honest review


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