My Favourite Seasonal Homeware picks from ‘Next’ and WIN a £50 Next Gift Card

Okay, okay, I appreciate it IS October, and that you might have Halloween and all that jazz to get out of the way first, but you can’t deny that Christmas is really only just around the corner! I’m a self-confessed Christmas nut, so I’m always happy to get thinking about Crimbo once the children are back in their September routine (don’t hate me). But come on, it surely pays (literally) to spread the cost, right?! Which is why I start looking at a few festive bits and bobs of the homeware variety, so I can make my picks and budget for them (and therefore, enjoy them), before December is out. 

Browsing through the NEXT catalogue last night in search of cardigans for Sasha, I ended up getting sucked in to buying a Festive one for her, and then a Christmas jumper for Freddie (essential, obvs), before taking a peek at the Seasonal homeware. And what a treat it was! 

Next aren’t paying me to say this, I promise, but they really do know a thing or two about styling their Christmas homeware section! Browsing through, I felt like I NEED another throw for the living room, and that this is THE YEAR to purchase (semi) novelty yuletide bedding for our new loft room. And heck, I’m damn well going to do it.

Here are some of my favourite festive Next buys:

next homeware collage 1 next homeware collage 2

  1. 6ft 88 led lit birch tree
  2. 12 piece Arden dinner set
  3. Children’s Christmas bed set
  4. Grey Over-sized check rug
  5. Lit gold glitter ivy leaf garland
  6. Red check double bed set
  7. Red check printed reversible throw
  8. Set of 4 mulled wine glasses

So, do you fancy any of the above? 

As part of my second blogoversary celebrations, I’m giving away a NEXT gift card(s) worth £50 for one lucky winner, so you can fill your boots with glorious Christmas homeware (or whatever else takes your fancy!).

All you have to do is answer the following question:

“What is the best way to make your home more festive? ”

Leave me your answer in the comment box below, and confirm you have done this using the Rafflecopter widget. You can also gain extra entries by following me on Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram!


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Good luck!

Terms and Conditions: Competition closes at 12.00am (midnight) GMT on Saturday 31st October 2015. Entries received after this time and date will not be valid. UK residents only. Entrants must be 18 and over. Winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter after the closing date and will be notified within 3 days of competition end. Only entrants received via the Rafflecopter widget will be considered valid. Winner will receive gift card(s) for Next to the value of £50. This giveway is not in association with Next- I’m just feeling generous in the run up to my second blog birthday!

443 thoughts on “My Favourite Seasonal Homeware picks from ‘Next’ and WIN a £50 Next Gift Card”

  1. Presents all wrapped up in a big pile makes me feel festive. But also candles which can be lit in the evening when it’s all warm and cosy.

  2. I tend to hang a shed load of fairy lights everywhere, and swap my cushion cushions for festive ones.

  3. ‘Nigella’s Christmas’ on the counter; homemade chutneys – labels dangling – ready in the cupboard for friends and family; the fire crackling every evening; ‘Home Alone’ or ‘Love Actually’ playing on the TV, the Christmas tree lit beside it; mince pies warm in the oven, brandy butter always ready in the fridge and the smell of cinnamon from stewing mulled wine on the stovetop filling the house.

  4. Once everything is decorated, I like to add the “smell” of Christmas. I put cloves in oranges, put drops of Frankincense Essential Oil over the potpourri, tie cinnamon sticks together and add to the tree and light Festive fragrant candles. I just love the smell of Christmas and it makes our home feel more festive x

  5. A nicely decorated tree, presents wrapped waiting to be opened, a log fire, Christmas carols being sung and of course – mince pies. Wonderful.

  6. Add twinkling lights and a roaring fire, a christmassy movie for everyone to admire,
    Some acorns sprayed with glistening gold, some scented candles for everyone to behold,
    A cozy blanket to wrap yourself up, a flavoured hot chocolate in a gold rimmed cup,
    Add some family members to make it quite right, this Christmas that’d be the perfect sight!

  7. I think a beautiful red, green and good garland/wreath on the door makes such a welcome Christmas decoration.

  8. Twinkling fairy lights, candelabra’s in the windows and fake snow and icicles hanging from the roof. Santa and his reindeer along with snowmen and the elves perched on the mantle surrounded by the mirror/mantle lighted swag,,,think i will stop there hubby’s turning green at the sight

  9. Christmassy-scented candles, big pile of Christmas cook books I use each year to plan my Christmas menu, Christmas cards on the mantle, fairy lights on windows, gingerbread cookies, and of course the Christmas tree, always a real one, decorated with all the ornaments collected over the years.

  10. Everything else is nice, but the tree is what really brings all the other Christmas decorations together. 7ft tall and packed with over 450 decorations, 4 days to finish. Fantastic! Can’t wait!

  11. I love the smells of christmas; in particular cinnemon and spice!!! And I love it when the kids get excited in the run up to the day

  12. Scented candles and fairy lights. Pre motherhood I used to have piles of presents under the tree. All wrapped in co-ordinated paper, ribbons and bows. Now I don’t have to put presents under the tree because Santa Claus brings them all.

  13. The tree with 500 lights on it – people never put enough on! Christmas films, candles, music and most important embrace the Christmas spirit and have fun, join in and enjoy it!

  14. A wreath on the door to give me a festive welcome every time I get home, a decorated tree and Christmas scented candles.

  15. I think having Christmassy scented candles is a nice touch, plus getting all the blankets out for the cold nights!

  16. Dried sliced oranges – bake them in the oven for a few hours, then loop string or ribbon through and hang on the tree or scatter in a bowl. Smells delicious!

  17. I like to use pine cones, green leaves, or branches and berries to make a centrepiece for our dining room table.
    It’s nice to bring the outside in:)

  18. Christmas smells, from candles etc., strings of lights instead of main lights and I think that Red & Green colours are christmas colours.

  19. I absolutely love putting the garland along the bannister with lights and hanging all the cards up in the hall, its so nice to walk into 🙂

  20. The smell of orange and spice and having all the decs up including the lights and having the log effect fire on and cosying up on the sofa

  21. Lots of festive lighting, decorations, and the fire on so looks all cosy. Aso love the smell of some festive candles 🙂

  22. Lots of decorations! Every year I whip out the sewing machine and make all sorts out of tartan wool fabric!

  23. The way I make my home feel really Christmassy is to light lots of Christmas candles, and have a massive decorated tree!!!

  24. Christmas tree, but just before that when the weather is awful our faux fur throws come down to snuggle up under

  25. I love Christmas and all the decorations that come with it 🙂 I go for lots of pretty christmas lights, nice scented candles, I love the smell of the mulled wine one at Christmas

  26. I love changing the colour scheme up in my bedroom with my duvet and throw to a dark rep/purple and having a light on my bedside table.

  27. To make our home feel more festive and cosy we use Christmas fairy lights, candles and a change in cushions and throws.

  28. Mistletoe, I haven’t been able to buy it for years. I like to take a piece, superglue the leaves and berries on, stick in freezer until Summer Solstice, and then wear around town. It improves your luck!

  29. I love watching the children put the tree together, the memories that come from the boxes looking at decorations from years gone by and making new ones with new decorations. x

  30. Rich Colours, reds, gold etc. Festive Decorations, try to keep a colour scheme and Cinnamon candles 😉

  31. I cut up fruit and pierce with cloves and hang around room and have lots of lights and glitter and of course some festive music in the background ,i love the prep even more than the day .

  32. A festive scent either via candle, insense sticks or the vaporiser things. I can not wait to get my winter candles out and smell the scent of mulled wine and cinnamon!

  33. Playing Christmas carols/christmas tracks whilst you are decorating your tree and getting everyone to join in, it can’t help to get every one in the festive spirit.

  34. We love scattering decorations everywhere, hanging up bunting, changing cushions and throws to red and of course putting up the Christmas tree 🙂 x

  35. Home made decorations with the children then letting them dress the tree 🙂 not to mention a cheistmasy Yankee candle and mauld win

  36. Fairy Lights, festival smelling candles, Real tree, christmas carols playing on cd player, and tinsel hanging from every picture 🙂

  37. The moment I sat with my cats and I am surrounded with newly decorated Xmas tree, the coookies are in the oven and I am drinking hot chocolate dressed in comfy pyjama with thick socks on! Can you imagine better moment?? Ps. I am super jelous of your Channel 4 work!! Well done!!

  38. A real Xmas tree, a lovely fire blazing with decorations around the fireplace and the smell of Apple and cinnamon candles….I love Xmas ???????? x

  39. Plenty of decorations and a beautiful Christmas Tree I also like to buy a nice festive potpourri like a mix of oranges, cranberries and cinnamon Thanks

  40. I have all the christmas lights out. And the tree is done in red and gold and under the tree all the kids presents. Christmas is on all day. And having the family all together under one roof makes it more merry for me.

  41. Scented candles (mulled wine and cinnamon), festive music and stock up with plenty of snacks and drinks to enjoy.

  42. Areal Christmas tree is a must, even though we all hate the needled everywhere,it just looks and smells so Christmassy.

  43. A nice big, fully decorated Xmas tree with of course lots of lights on, candles and more twinkling lights anywhere you can hang them

  44. It has to be a big christmas tree in the bay window, lots of decorations, lighting the log burner and having tea and mince pies with the family!

    Can’t wait to get all the decorations up!

  45. I like to have pine scented candles from Yankee Candle lit and have lots of Christmas greenery in my kitchen

  46. A Christmas tree with traditional red and green colours. Red and cream throws and red checked cushions. Lots of Christmas lights too! Exciting!

  47. Scented candles, flowers, lights around our lounge mirror. I like to have decorations to match in the lounge. I love to have a Christmas themed table cover on our dining table with matching napkins etc, making sure it matches our kitchen

  48. By the imaginative use of foliage, candles, pine cones and handmade decorations, can look really effective but are cheap and simple to do.

  49. Warmth, scent and sound. So lots of logs on the fire, cinnamon cookies baking in the oven, and some lovely carols on the stereo – I feel festive already!

  50. Apart from the tree & decorations it has to be a roaring log fire.. mince pies & mulled wine with scented candles everywhere. .. Bliss!

  51. I’m not a fan of glittery clutter but I DO love festive smells like satsumas and mulled wine so my house always feels more festive when it smells festive.

  52. I think that lighting is really important to give a home the festive feel. Christmas lights, candles, low light lamps etc. I love it.

  53. All the usual Christmas decs, tree etc but most of all the pure joy and excitement that my little granddaughters bring with them that fills the house from top to bottom, especially more so as they are both Christmas babies.

  54. We love making our own decorations…collecting pine cones and painting them to make tree decorations,cloves and cinnamon stick pot pourri and lots of home made liqueurs……

  55. For me its the sparkly decoration i use on my fireplace. It silver wire with small silver bells and baubles on. It also has soft glow light and when i turn them on the room instantly looks warm and festive 🙂

  56. Lots of lovely smells; amazing xmas scented candles; pot pourri; christmas cakes baking; gingerbread men dancing!

  57. Get the decorations up! Especially the Christmas tree 🙂 reds and green soft furnishings are also good, if you have them, and some festive greenery such as holly 🙂

  58. A large Christmas tree with twinkly lights, beautifully wrapped presents beneath the tree, Cinnamon scented candles and stockings hanging by the fireplace.

  59. One of those super little wooden trees with lights sitting on the windowsill in the front window. They look fabulous both inside and outside.

  60. I love the idea of Christmas bedding, I keep walking past Next and the red tartan bedding is in the window. I love the idea of snuggling up in new bedding and new pyjamas on Christmas Eve x

  61. I like to bring things from outdoors inside like sprigs of holly & misletoe and lots & lots of pine cones also fairy lights instantly make everything feel christmassy.

  62. I love to decorate the front door with fairy lights so it’s already frestive when you walk through the front door 🙂

  63. Lovely cosy throws on the sofas, candles, and a fire would be amazing, but it’ll have to be the radiators instead!

  64. I like to change the cushion covers and put lots of throws about, all in varying warm and bright colours and patterns, and I burn Christmas Tree flavoured oils, which makes me feel so Christmassy!!

  65. I don’t like too much tacky decorations but I do have lovely garlands with pine cones and Christmas lanterns which I put scented tealights in

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