Celebrating 2 Years on the Great Little Trading Co Testing Team, and WIN a Cherry Tree Play Kitchen!

When I stop and look back on what is coming up to 5 years of blogging, and nearly 4 years of writing this blog, one of the highlights has been working with some great brands, in particular one of my favourites, The Great Little Trading Co. 

I initially approached them almost 2 years ago, looking to review their children’s ‘play shop and theatre’, and from there was born the GLTC Testing Team collective alongside some other ace bloggers, and the chance to build a brilliant relationship with a trusted brand, give an opinion on some awesome products and solidify some blogging friendships. 

To summarise, I’m pretty glad I decided to bite the bullet and get in touch! 

The team at GLTC are a dream to work with, and really value the views and opinions of bloggers and their children in exchange for some honest reviewing of their toys and furniture. The testing team have named play kitchens, decided on colour schemes and given opinions on bedding ranges. It’s so refreshing to work for a company that just ‘gets’ it, when others seem to expect bloggers to work for free, or do a lot of hard graft for minimal compensation. 

At 5 and 6, and with a new baby imminent, I feel that our family have been ‘good testees’ (is that a word?!)- I love interiors and love nothing more than planning and doing up gorgeous spaces for our little ones, and they love role play, so have been perfect at trying out various toys in this vein. 

To celebrate my nearly 2 years on the Great Little Trading Co Testing Team, I have a brilliant prize to giveaway on the blog today- A GLTC ‘Cherry Tree’ Play Kitchen, worth £205! 

This fantastic unisex play kitchen is packed with things to do and there is just SO much detail. I love the little details the design team have added: the taps are named ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ to help children recognise the words, the washing machine also has symbols and words around the dial (as well as a soap drawer), and the hob has a glowing flame effect for extra play value. Made from sturdy wood, and of a decent size, I can vouch that the kitchen can withstand some heavy play (we have the Cherry Tree’s stablemate, the ‘Sea Salt’ and have reviewed it previously). 

At 6 and a half (and a tall one at that!), Freddie is still getting almost daily use out of his and Sasha’s kitchen, and we’re confident it will last for their little brother when he gets a bit older. 

So…to be in with a chance of winning a Cherry Tree Play Kitchen, just fill out the Rafflecopter below using as many of the options as you’d like.

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions: Competition closes at 11.59pm GMT on Sunday 16th July 2017. Entries received after this time and date will not be valid. Giveaway open to UK residents only. Entrants must be 18 and over. Winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter after the closing date and will be notified within 5 days of competition end. Only entrants received via the Rafflecopter widget will be considered valid. The prize is Great Little Trading Co Cherry Tree Play Kitchen, no cash alternatives to the stated prize will be offered. Prize to be couriered to winner’s house.

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  1. Tracy Nixon
    June 15, 2017 / 10:37 am

    I love the retro style, patterns and colours! I would love my own kitchen to look like the Cherry Tree Play Kitchen!

  2. Tony Metcalfe
    June 15, 2017 / 11:58 am

    It looks very realistic and is quite colourful.

  3. Harline
    June 15, 2017 / 12:05 pm

    I love the red and what a great name

  4. Liam Bishop
    June 15, 2017 / 12:33 pm

    Very retro and sturdy 🙂

  5. Ronnie SMith
    June 15, 2017 / 1:02 pm

    the colours – my granddaughter would love it.

  6. iain maciver
    June 15, 2017 / 1:02 pm

    love the retro look

  7. Lindsey Stuart
    June 15, 2017 / 1:03 pm

    I absolutely love how modern and pretty the kitchen is! The little microwave is my favourite feature very adorable

  8. Peggy rossiter
    June 15, 2017 / 1:17 pm

    Fresh bright appealing colours. Good fun for kids with a wwllmade toy

  9. Kirsty Ward
    June 15, 2017 / 1:58 pm

    I love that it looks so Retro!!

  10. Lorraine Kirk
    June 15, 2017 / 2:00 pm

    I love the storage drawer underneath and the blackboard to write recipes on etc.

  11. laura stewart
    June 15, 2017 / 4:03 pm

    looks fun!

  12. Sue McCarthy
    June 15, 2017 / 4:59 pm

    I like the colour and style

  13. Susan Smith
    June 15, 2017 / 5:38 pm

    Love the colour and style and looks so real

  14. Em
    June 15, 2017 / 5:42 pm

    I love that it is not girly and pink.

  15. Fiona Paley
    June 15, 2017 / 6:02 pm

    It looks very sturdy and there’s enough room to play with friends.

  16. fiona waterworth
    June 15, 2017 / 7:31 pm

    love the big drawer knobs, along with the colours makes it very disabled friendly

  17. Paula Barker
    June 15, 2017 / 7:39 pm

    The little details, making it look so realistic.

  18. Hannah Scudder
    June 15, 2017 / 8:14 pm

    There is so much to it, and i love the colours

  19. Sarah Mackay
    June 15, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    I love how it has a washing machine and microwave

  20. Rachel
    June 15, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    My two would love the glowing flame on the hob! They already spend hours pretending to run a cafe (with very poor service, I might add!) so this might help them out!

  21. joanne Darnell
    June 15, 2017 / 9:40 pm

    The coiours are great

  22. Lynn Heath
    June 15, 2017 / 9:45 pm

    This looks so much fun, so bright and colourful that would make my daughter want to play with it all the time!

  23. rebecca nisbet
    June 15, 2017 / 10:34 pm

    it looks like a traditional kitchen, something from the 50’s!

  24. melissa crowe
    June 15, 2017 / 10:44 pm

    like the cooker and mircowave my two would love.

  25. Emma Whitworth
    June 15, 2017 / 11:42 pm

    It looks realistic and good solid quality

  26. Solange
    June 16, 2017 / 12:45 am

    I love the colour scheme and the retro look.

  27. Rebecca Smith
    June 16, 2017 / 6:59 am

    i love the retro yet homely style the colour combinations are fab

  28. Graham Ross
    June 16, 2017 / 7:40 am

    I love the retro look and the bright colours

  29. Sally Collingwood
    June 16, 2017 / 8:40 am

    I so love this little kitchen – fab

  30. Helen Stratton
    June 16, 2017 / 8:55 am

    It looks solid and durable and the colour is good for everyone.

  31. katie robertson
    June 16, 2017 / 11:38 am

    the retro look and the durability of the materials used.

  32. Amy Fidler
    June 16, 2017 / 1:04 pm

    The design of it,is just great x

    June 16, 2017 / 2:52 pm

    i love everything about the kitchen,but i really love that it has a microwave and a washing machine.makes it more real life.i also love the colours

  34. Rachel Butterworth
    June 16, 2017 / 6:27 pm

    I love the attention to detail. Just because it’s a toy doesn’t mean it can’t look realistic.

  35. debbie smith
    June 16, 2017 / 6:44 pm

    retro style and amazing quality i love there products fab giveaway thankyou x

  36. Kali Filsell
    June 16, 2017 / 7:00 pm

    I love the red white and grey design .
    Love the little shelf above the sink and the taps are marked hot and cold ,

  37. Kayleigh Robinson
    June 16, 2017 / 8:31 pm

    Love the little memo board and the colours!

  38. Anthony Harrington
    June 16, 2017 / 8:50 pm

    I love the cool retro look! adorable little sink!

  39. Maria Blythin
    June 17, 2017 / 10:36 am

    i love everything x the colours the memo boards the tiny sink its all ace x

  40. Laura Pritchard
    June 17, 2017 / 9:04 pm

    The little washing machine! My 2 year old loves helping me put clothes in the washer so she’d love this, as would her big brother – we’d put this in their wooden playhouse!

  41. Tasha
    June 17, 2017 / 9:57 pm

    It’s just so sweet my daughter would have hours of fun with this

  42. Lorna Ledger
    June 17, 2017 / 10:57 pm

    The authentic look, and the non gender feel, really lovely x

  43. Ailsa
    June 18, 2017 / 11:21 am

    It looks like a classic toy that will last for generations

  44. Jade Hewlett
    June 18, 2017 / 12:39 pm

    I like how realistic it looks and like it’s lots of fun

  45. Tracy Hanley
    June 18, 2017 / 3:34 pm

    Love The colours and microwave

  46. Danielle Pooley
    June 19, 2017 / 11:02 am

    How realistic & colourful the kitchen is.

  47. Judy Kennedy
    June 19, 2017 / 12:13 pm

    The little cooker. I remember at 5 years old playing in the small kitchen in my class at my first week at school. I can still vaguely remember the feeling

  48. Jenny Harlow
    June 19, 2017 / 2:22 pm

    I think the colours are really appealing and bright for children. I like all the different areas of interaction in the kitchen for stimulating imagination and role play.

    June 19, 2017 / 9:27 pm

    I love the design, so simple yet stylish and totally retro!

  50. Nathan
    June 19, 2017 / 11:25 pm

    It looks nice than my kitchen!

  51. Janie-Fleur Matcham
    June 20, 2017 / 1:59 am

    The role play value and its not really gender focused my little boy loves stuff like this so many are pink.

  52. S Edwards
    June 20, 2017 / 6:18 am

    Knowing that my girls would enjoy playing with it xx

  53. Sarah Lee
    June 20, 2017 / 10:07 am

    It looks like it has a lot of things to keep little ones entertained. My little girl would love playing with this.

  54. amy bondoc
    June 20, 2017 / 10:10 am

    i love how good quality it look something that will last!the colours are fab too

  55. Suzanne Jackson
    June 20, 2017 / 10:32 am

    I love the bold colours

  56. stuart hargreaves
    June 20, 2017 / 10:40 am

    The ease of navigating the website

  57. Lucy B
    June 20, 2017 / 11:54 am

    The way it looks lovely

  58. Laura Milton
    June 20, 2017 / 2:02 pm

    I love the design and colours – looks very beautiful and it has a little chalkboard how cute 😀 p.s hope your baby is here soon 😀

  59. Lisa Wilkinson
    June 20, 2017 / 2:56 pm

    It’s a lovely colour for both boys and girls

  60. irene hodgson
    June 20, 2017 / 2:57 pm

    it looks so realistic!

  61. Soph H
    June 20, 2017 / 6:11 pm

    I like the colours and it looks very well made

  62. Alana Walker
    June 20, 2017 / 8:34 pm

    I love the style and the fact it is very sturdy. I have looked at other kitchens like this and how flimsy they were put me off.

  63. Becky Yeomans
    June 21, 2017 / 7:23 am

    I like the colours grey and red go together so well and I like that it looks like its made to last. Very solid looking.

  64. ClaireD
    June 21, 2017 / 10:24 am

    Beautiful colours and looks great quality.

  65. Jo Carroll
    June 21, 2017 / 10:54 am

    I love the fact that they’ve managed to pack in so many kitchen appliances and objects in a relatively small space. It could feature on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces 😉

  66. Holly Edmundson
    June 21, 2017 / 11:28 am

    i love the washing machine as my daughter would love just putting things in and taking them back out 🙂 x

  67. Kim M
    June 21, 2017 / 1:10 pm

    Like all the little details x

  68. pete c
    June 21, 2017 / 1:25 pm

    it looks fun for the kids as they could easily relate to it

  69. claire w
    June 21, 2017 / 2:22 pm

    I just love the design and how pretty it looks and also how easy and fun it looks to play with! The colours would look great in the room and the fact it is wood rather than plastic!

  70. Pauline Hill
    June 21, 2017 / 3:13 pm


  71. Lillian Fisher
    June 21, 2017 / 9:55 pm

    I like the microwave on the shelf above and the colours.

  72. Kym Robson
    June 22, 2017 / 1:34 am

    The stylish design features and colours which I’m certain will stimulate their imagination every time they play with it

  73. pauline black
    June 22, 2017 / 8:31 am

    It mimics a real kitchen, even down to the washing machine and microwave! Love the retro look.

  74. Stephanie keill
    June 22, 2017 / 11:34 am

    I love how the kitchens look so real and the bold lovely colours make them really eye catching

  75. kRIS
    June 22, 2017 / 12:37 pm

    I love the retro vibe the most !

  76. Stacey Leigh
    June 22, 2017 / 5:17 pm

    I think the colours are absolutely fantastic! Also they have a large range of goodies to suit all ages so that’s fantastic! Absolutely love wooden toys! My two would absolutely love a play kitchen so they can copy Mummy 🙂

  77. Kerry Taylor
    June 22, 2017 / 7:43 pm

    I like the colours, but my little boy will like the dials and knobs!

  78. Alison Johnson
    June 22, 2017 / 11:39 pm

    Love the hot & cold taps which help teach children the correct ones to use.

  79. Louise King
    June 23, 2017 / 2:26 pm

    Love how stylish it looks and how realistic it is. Also the way the colour “pops” fab little thing

  80. Sarah Edwards
    June 23, 2017 / 6:11 pm

    I like the attention to detail. Which makes it more realistic.

  81. Karen Barrett
    June 24, 2017 / 12:03 pm

    Love the colours it reminds me of my Grandmas kitchen when I was little.

  82. Michelle
    June 24, 2017 / 10:05 pm

    Bright and colourful and looks robust

  83. ashleigh allan
    June 24, 2017 / 10:30 pm

    I love the style especially the washing machine!

  84. Jodie A Green
    June 25, 2017 / 12:58 am

    all the cute appliances that my girls will recognise from our own kitchen, they would love this!

  85. claire woods
    June 25, 2017 / 10:12 am

    I love the colour – very striking.

  86. Kim Neville
    June 25, 2017 / 2:35 pm

    It looks modern and well made and lots of nice details on it

    June 25, 2017 / 5:58 pm

    looks fun, and i love the unisex design (also the colour scheme in my kitchen is Red, so this will fit in for my daughter perfectly x

  88. June 25, 2017 / 9:58 pm

    It looks amazing and I love the colour.

  89. Katie Skeoch
    June 25, 2017 / 11:20 pm

    The symbols & words helping children to learn

  90. claire griffiths
    June 26, 2017 / 12:47 pm

    the retro look

  91. Ruth Harwood
    June 26, 2017 / 1:29 pm

    Love the colours and the stylish modern edge! xx

  92. Gary Topley
    June 26, 2017 / 8:01 pm

    Love the design and colour. Thankyou for the competition x

  93. Laura Jeffs
    June 27, 2017 / 5:56 pm

    I love the fact that it looks like a 1950’s kitchen! Love the bright colours too

  94. sarah rowland
    June 27, 2017 / 9:02 pm

    all the attention to detail and the fact it looks solid made

  95. Stevie
    June 27, 2017 / 10:48 pm

    I like how my nieces would love the set when they visit at weekends.

  96. Rich Tyler
    June 28, 2017 / 11:42 am

    The stylish colours, it would be right up my little 1s street!

  97. James Harris
    June 28, 2017 / 1:17 pm

    Having the washing machine in pretty cool as not many kitchens of this sort have that.

  98. lynn neal
    June 30, 2017 / 9:37 pm

    It looks very appealing to children with the bright colours and I like that it is a complete kitchen so good for imaginative play!

  99. Lisa King
    July 1, 2017 / 10:14 am

    I love all the detail of it and the fact that it wooden so will be much longer lasting

  100. Kim Styles
    July 1, 2017 / 6:40 pm

    The Microwave- it brings the toy kitchen much more upto date than most

  101. brenda heads
    July 2, 2017 / 3:13 pm

    I love the bright colours and attention to details, my grandson would love to play with this kitchen.

  102. EJ Dunn
    July 2, 2017 / 5:03 pm

    I love the little chalkboard

  103. Iram Batool
    July 2, 2017 / 8:28 pm

    I love the fact that it’s unisex! I really dislike the kind of ‘learned’ gender roles children’s toys generally fall into, so this is a nice change 🙂

  104. kimberley ryan
    July 3, 2017 / 11:50 am

    I love the size, would be perfect for both my boys to play with together

  105. Peter Watson
    July 4, 2017 / 8:21 am

    There is so much attention to detail especially the little cupboard that looks like a pantry.

  106. sarah knightley
    July 4, 2017 / 9:39 pm

    Looks a great size and sturdy

  107. Jacqueline Chapman
    July 4, 2017 / 10:18 pm

    I love that the colours and design are not too feminine and they’ve kept it realistic.

  108. Harriet Leonard
    July 4, 2017 / 10:36 pm

    The overall design is very cool. I love the chalkboard on the fridge and the washing machine x

  109. Aaron Broad
    July 5, 2017 / 10:46 am

    I like all the little details on it, looks really well made

  110. Alix Smith
    July 5, 2017 / 1:27 pm

    I love the blackboard – such a lovely design!

  111. Louise Asekokhai
    July 5, 2017 / 4:45 pm

    I love the cute little sink,

  112. Diane Wareing
    July 6, 2017 / 5:55 pm

    I love the designs. There is so much detail in each product. So perfectly thought out!
    The kitchen is perfect in every way. If only they’re had been things like this when I was a little girl – I would have been in my elements.

  113. Cassandra Mayers
    July 7, 2017 / 10:13 am

    I like that even thought its a childs kitchen, it still looks stylish.

  114. Jordan Jarmain
    July 7, 2017 / 10:43 pm

    I love how it looks better than my actual kitchen haha and the extra buttons no settings look more realistic too

  115. clair dukes
    July 8, 2017 / 3:02 pm

    I love the style, quality and colour!

  116. Arabella Bazley
    July 9, 2017 / 12:10 pm

    Is there anything not to like! I especially love the little details like the hob glowing and the hot and cold symbols to teach little ones what to look out for.

  117. Debbie Burfoot
    July 9, 2017 / 8:30 pm

    I love how realistic it looks and the colours

  118. Sarah Hutt
    July 10, 2017 / 3:16 pm

    love this kitchen its beautiful

  119. Dean Boyle
    July 10, 2017 / 4:17 pm

    The size you could have a few kids at the same time playing

  120. Katie
    July 11, 2017 / 6:08 pm

    The colours xx

  121. Katie
    July 11, 2017 / 6:09 pm

    The colour scheme xx

  122. chani lewis
    July 11, 2017 / 7:10 pm

    I love the simple colours used, has a Scandi feel.

  123. Laura Whittle
    July 11, 2017 / 9:04 pm

    I love the washing machine

  124. Pamela Gossage
    July 11, 2017 / 9:04 pm

    it is so colourful and retro

    July 11, 2017 / 9:59 pm

    It looks lovely and sturdy

  126. Tracy Higgs
    July 11, 2017 / 11:41 pm

    I love the realistic flame hob and soap drawer. Also looks bright and sturdy.

  127. Edward Guerreiro
    July 12, 2017 / 1:31 pm

    There is very little about this set that I don’t like. But I think the fact that it has a little microwave really is my favourite part.

  128. jen jackson
    July 12, 2017 / 2:03 pm

    That its nice and colourful

  129. Victoria Prince
    July 12, 2017 / 4:20 pm

    I love the microwave 🙂 though the whole thing is fantastic, just so realistic!

    July 12, 2017 / 10:32 pm

    The glowing flame effect hob, that would appeal to grandchildren, Imight get breakfast in bed. I want a play on it

  131. July 13, 2017 / 12:42 pm

    I love the red and the retro look to the kitchen.

  132. nicky pearce
    July 13, 2017 / 9:59 pm

    Love the colour and style

  133. Emma Topp
    July 14, 2017 / 12:28 pm

    I love all the little details like the numbers on the microwave

  134. Christine Caple
    July 14, 2017 / 1:13 pm

    I love the colours and the style

  135. Lorna peppiatt
    July 14, 2017 / 2:33 pm

    Very realistic style and love the colours

  136. Rebecca roberts
    July 14, 2017 / 6:02 pm

    I love that it’s very retro and I love the draws underneath

  137. lynsey poole
    July 14, 2017 / 8:00 pm

    I love the colour and design, both of my older children love pretend play and I think this would suit them both. I love the shelving and little extras too!

  138. hayley norman
    July 14, 2017 / 9:28 pm

    I love that it has everything including washing machine to make it more fun and it looks great

    July 14, 2017 / 10:07 pm

    I love the little details – the hooks and the storage where you can put plates and the “food” etc Very cute!

  140. Nancy Bradford
    July 14, 2017 / 10:08 pm

    The colours are so cute. My daughter would love this x Thanks for the chance.

  141. July 14, 2017 / 10:58 pm

    I love everything about it, my favourite is the chalk board

  142. Lindy Hine
    July 14, 2017 / 11:18 pm

    I love the attention to detail, the retro feel and the great craftmanship that has gone into this

  143. Robyn Clarke
    July 15, 2017 / 12:27 am

    I love how realistic it all looks, my girls would be impressed!

  144. paula cheadle
    July 15, 2017 / 1:22 am

    I love the design and colour, my own kitchen is nearly the same colour

  145. Diana
    July 15, 2017 / 9:35 am

    I really like it’s design and colours 🙂

  146. Jayne Kelsall
    July 15, 2017 / 10:40 am

    I love the layout and the fact that they have managed to fit all the kitchen equipment into one unit, my daughter would it .x

  147. Melanie Pennie
    July 15, 2017 / 11:34 am

    Love that it is sturdy, and have managed to fit in all the important aspects of a kitchen.

  148. janine atkin
    July 15, 2017 / 12:35 pm

    i love the colours

  149. Debi Newman
    July 15, 2017 / 1:50 pm

    I love the colours and the fact that it is unisex x

  150. Anthea Holloway
    July 15, 2017 / 2:27 pm

    I love the scales – so realistic and such fun.

  151. Laura Asplin
    July 15, 2017 / 2:30 pm

    I like the fact there seems to be lots of places to store all the play food and pots and pans for the kitchen

  152. Sandra Jo Siddall
    July 15, 2017 / 3:18 pm

    I love the retro look and this is fabulous – I love the style and the lovely colours – Wish I had a kitchen like this one 🙂

  153. Pam Smith
    July 15, 2017 / 3:19 pm

    It looks sturdy and well made

  154. charlaine cross
    July 15, 2017 / 3:32 pm

    I love how bright and colourful this kitchen it my girls would have loads of fun playing this x

  155. Susan B
    July 15, 2017 / 3:35 pm

    Slightly retro and slightly modern – and delightfully bright and cheery. Love it!

  156. gemma hendry
    July 15, 2017 / 3:58 pm

    bright colours and stylish

  157. Thomas Riley
    July 15, 2017 / 4:37 pm

    the colour and style

  158. Sheila Sloan
    July 15, 2017 / 4:54 pm

    I love the colour scheme and the good solid design.

  159. Gaynor furlong
    July 15, 2017 / 5:03 pm

    I love the retro design especially the red black and white colours.

  160. alice lightning
    July 15, 2017 / 6:51 pm

    the kitchen looks so good the reality of it fun and learn about the right things to do in the kitchen is wonderful

  161. olivia Mary Kirby
    July 15, 2017 / 7:27 pm

    I like the colours and cute design

  162. sarah clegg
    July 15, 2017 / 7:46 pm

    thr retro wooden feel and bold colours-simply stunning

  163. toni pearson
    July 15, 2017 / 7:57 pm

    Love the gender neutral colours

  164. Carly Belsey
    July 15, 2017 / 8:06 pm

    I love all the pots and the colours and the patterns, my daughter would be over the moon with it. Thanks

  165. Teresa sheldon
    July 15, 2017 / 8:28 pm

    I love all the little details the red and blue on the taps, the little tea towel, also love the retro style and colour but with the modern twist of a dishwasher and microwave my
    Ava would play for hours with this is so lovely

  166. clare Hubbard
    July 15, 2017 / 8:33 pm

    Love the bright colours

  167. Emma Whittaker
    July 15, 2017 / 8:38 pm

    I love how bright it is and how its uses day to day things mum does in the kitchen 🙂

  168. Niki Marie Wardle
    July 15, 2017 / 11:32 pm

    I love the variety of appliances, everythings in there!

  169. Monica Gilbert
    July 15, 2017 / 11:39 pm

    I love the stars on the back splash. It’s something I think my daughter would really enjoy.

  170. marsha richardson
    July 16, 2017 / 12:54 am

    I love the fact that its made from wood and looks so sturdy

  171. karen
    July 16, 2017 / 12:56 am

    I like that it is all in one unit and that it has modern appliances like the mircrowave!

  172. Kate Davies
    July 16, 2017 / 1:06 am

    I love the bold colours and retro style, I also like the use of words on the cherry tree play kitchen so little ones can learn as they play.

  173. carla carthy
    July 16, 2017 / 9:10 am

    Hiya my daughter would love this it looks so realistic and the colours on it are awesome thanks for the chance this is going to make some lucky child very happy 🙂

  174. Lauren boyle
    July 16, 2017 / 9:12 am

    I honestly think the whole thing looks fantastic!

  175. marie miles
    July 16, 2017 / 9:35 am

    a very eye catching simplistic design it looks like something they would have in a nursery class in a nice schoolmy little grand daughter would love this and i would put it away for the upcoming often dreaded (but not by me) christmas. it would be a fab present to gift her thank you for the chance.

  176. sharon stanley
    July 16, 2017 / 9:37 am

    I love the fact the colour and style is actually so similar to my own kitchen. I could imagine my two youngest daughters playing for hours.

  177. Charlotte Hoskins
    July 16, 2017 / 10:15 am

    It looks really durable and I love the retro design. I also love the fact that I’m sure it would keep my daughter quiet and happy for a while 🙂

  178. Allan Fullarton
    July 16, 2017 / 10:32 am

    Looks lovely, very retro.

  179. Charlotte A
    July 16, 2017 / 11:20 am

    My littlest two would love this. I especially love the added details and think it would help my 3 year old with her reading and learning to be safe in the kitchen!

  180. Stuart Dunlop
    July 16, 2017 / 11:21 am

    I do love the colours – very eye catching

  181. Jenny Rogers
    July 16, 2017 / 11:32 am

    The colour, bright and cheerful, and the details, such as the words and symbols.

  182. Claire Nelson
    July 16, 2017 / 11:38 am

    I love that it is retro and it looks sturdy too.

  183. Pia Stephens
    July 16, 2017 / 12:00 pm

    The clean lines and colours. I love the fact that the play kitchens look stylish and would fit into a house perfectly without making the space look like a huge toy room 😉

  184. Miss Tracy Hanson
    July 16, 2017 / 12:20 pm

    It looks so real and would look amazing in a house. 🙂 It’s very stylish and will teach kids the fun of cooking etc. 🙂 My youngest great-niece would love the bright colours as she’s only one, but the other two would have loads of fun with it.

  185. Lucy Chester
    July 16, 2017 / 1:09 pm

    I love the colours and that it looks so real and so much to do and lots of fun and imagination

  186. Hannah Wood
    July 16, 2017 / 2:43 pm

    Has to be the style of it for me .x

  187. A Russell
    July 16, 2017 / 2:48 pm

    I love the colour scheme & also that it includes a microwave.

  188. Lisa P
    July 16, 2017 / 4:06 pm

    Such a cute style, what a great name too. My little girl would be in heaven playing with this. GLTC is a fab place to buy kids furniture. I have the tuck away chair and table toy box set bought when my boys were little . Still going strong twelve years later. My little girl uses it every day. Great quality furniture!

  189. Karen Dixon
    July 16, 2017 / 4:17 pm

    Its looks like its built to last

  190. Winnie Fox
    July 16, 2017 / 4:58 pm

    I love the retro feel and the fact it’s not pink

  191. Freya Paterson
    July 16, 2017 / 5:26 pm

    I love that it is gender neutral!

  192. Linda Curtis
    July 16, 2017 / 5:34 pm

    i love the details its just like real size ones
    the retro look is great , i think my granddaughter would play happily for hour

  193. Jessica Townley
    July 16, 2017 / 7:13 pm

    The style and colour of the kitchen is fab! I also love he little touches like you mentioned, the flame effect – it makes it so much more real for my boys 🙂

  194. July 16, 2017 / 7:52 pm

    It’s very different to most of the other play kicthens I’ve seen. I love the little details like the matching tea towels – and the fact it has a washing machine too!

  195. Anni Large
    July 16, 2017 / 7:52 pm

    I like that it looks robust and that it can withstand anything the kids put it through!

  196. Cathryn Crawshaw
    July 16, 2017 / 8:01 pm

    great bright colours – perfect for ava

  197. carol boffey
    July 16, 2017 / 8:14 pm

    it looks very retro

  198. Laura Findlay
    July 16, 2017 / 8:45 pm

    I love how real it looks and the fact it looks sturdy and neutral. My boys would love it x

  199. Claire Elizabeth Noke
    July 16, 2017 / 9:00 pm

    I love the Retro look… also the grey would go perfectly with our living room 🙂 xx

  200. Tracey F
    July 16, 2017 / 9:15 pm

    It looks really robust and fantastic fun! My children would love playing with their pretend food.

  201. Paula T
    July 16, 2017 / 9:16 pm

    I love the retro look of this. I have an d fashioned look in my kitchen so this would look fab for my daughter to cook alongside me xx

  202. Stacey Gahan
    July 16, 2017 / 9:26 pm

    I love how bright and inviting it is

  203. Natalie Gillham
    July 16, 2017 / 9:40 pm

    I love the design and colour combination!

  204. Danielle Graves
    July 16, 2017 / 10:06 pm

    I love the retro look and the fact it’s colour neutral and would fit in most households decor wise. It also looks quite strong and sturdy which is always a positive

  205. Eve Ogden
    July 16, 2017 / 10:42 pm

    I love the whole design

  206. Adrian Bold
    July 16, 2017 / 11:02 pm

    I love the retro look and the beautiful colour scheme.

  207. Lia Burns
    July 16, 2017 / 11:17 pm

    I think it has to be the modern design, it makes it stand out to your standard toy kitchen x

  208. Tracey Susan Anderson
    July 16, 2017 / 11:45 pm

    The colours are very eye catching aswell as the sturdiness of the kitchen is a good safety feature 🙂 x

  209. Natalie Crossan
    July 16, 2017 / 11:57 pm

    I love that it has lots of details and is retro 😀

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