outdoor dining ideasI realised that I haven’t done a giveaway for aaaages, and especially in the current climate I figured it might be nice to do one for a bit of fun and to maybe to cheer people up. If you end up being the winner of this giveaway then you’ll definitely be smiling! Usually it’s that time of year when thoughts turn to summer, and for many people, updating their home and especially garden. As people are at home more and maybe (although I realise not true for everyone) saving money going out and about, they are possibly investing more in their homes and making them homely, comforting, enjoyable spaces to be in. This is definitely us at the moment, and we’re gradually using the extra time we have to work our way through some smaller jobs that we’ve been wanting to do since we moved in a year ago. 

As always I love so many of the new offerings from John Lewis at the moment, especially their ranges and ideas for outdoor dining. 

On the blog today, I’m offering you the chance to win a £100 John Lewis gift card in my giveaway, so you can get shopping for your home this summer too!

All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter below using as many options as you’d like.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Terms and Conditions: Competition closes at 11.59pm GMT on Sunday 28th June 2020. Entries received after this time and date will not be valid. Giveaway open to UK residents only. Entrants must be 18 and over. Winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter after the closing date and will be notified within 5 days of competition end. Only entrants received via the Rafflecopter widget will be considered valid. The prize is a £100 John Lewis Gift Card- no cash alternatives to the stated prize will be offered.


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  1. I would put it towards a cast iron Le Creuset Tagine. I would live to try Moroccan cooking at home

  2. Love the Croft recycled glass tumbler, they’re really nice with the green tint to them.

  3. We were due a new kitchen in April. When it is eventually installed we’ll be buying lots of new kitchen utensils and pans

  4. I’d love a new dinner set – we have had a run of breakages lately and I’m currently using two half sets rather than one full one 😀

  5. I would love to treat myself to some new crockery for the kitchen. Something a bit more stylish than the set we currently have!

  6. I’d buy sports equipment for my kids to encourage them away from their screens and out into the fresh air and sunshine!

  7. I would love to put it towards some new furniture or appliances as I’m moving to a new flat soon!

  8. I would love to get some material to try and make my first dress from scratch #lockdownhobby

  9. I would really love some new crockery for the kitchen, this would be a lovely surprise for me, i rarely treat myself!!

  10. I would buy something lovely for our pending new arrival, we have our house on the market at present but due to the pandemic this probably isn’t going to happening anytime soon so looks like our baby will be in with us for the foreseeable, would love to decorate around where the cot will be since I don’t have a nursery to fuss over!

  11. It would have to be a mirror for my newly decorated hallway.. we have a blank wall above a radiator that is just crying out for one. x

  12. Tempting though it would be to buy some beautiful new things for the home I’d probably spend it on lovely food from Waitrose! Some lush picnic lunches!

  13. I’d love to spend the voucher on some new homeware pieces for when we re-paint the living room

  14. I would love a nice new pan set, I don’t own any pan sets just odd pans and I love cooking so new pans would be brilliant!

  15. I would treat my sons to some new sports clothdsq, they have a great selection at John Lewis

  16. A Nintendo Switch Lite console, so I could ‘switch’ up my family’s gaming experience from the mundane to the magical this 2020.

  17. I would love to buy a new summer duvet and duvet set, boring i know but so needed during this warmer weather

  18. new clothes for the kids they havent had any since christmas and have grown so much since then, with lockdown we haven’t had a chance to get anything for them

  19. If it can be used at partners – Id use it at waitrose to plan a special lockdown dinner date ?

  20. This would be an opportunity to get something that I ordinarily wouldn’t. I’m thinking, maybe an espresso machine which would be a real luxury.

  21. A John Lewis voucher would go part way towards a badly needed work desk to work from home. Better than spreading papers over my bed. Might still work in my dressing gown though:-)

    1. With everything slower, even Birthday gifts are paused for now, we’d use this to get a few nice things!

  22. While we’ve been in lockdown I’ve took the opportunity to redecorate my teen son and 3 year old daughters bedrooms….
    I’d treat my son to the Baldwin Desk Lamp in Pewter/Copper and the Great Little Trading Co Greenaway Skinny Gallery Bookcase, she’s got soooo many books 🙂
    Fabulous giveaway Becky!
    Stay safe.

  23. I moved recently and most of my crockery got broken. Would use this to replace with a nice set.

  24. I’d love to buy some new pots and pans for my kitchen! I’ve just bought my first home and so excited to have a large kitchen! Fantastic prize please count me in.. I’d be chuffed if I was chosen to be your winner! Thanks for the chance.Fingers crossed tightly

  25. I’d love to buy some new pots and pans for my kitchen! I’ve just bought my first home and so excited to have a large kitchen! Fantastic prize please count me in.. I’d be chuffed if I was chosen to be your winner! Thanks for the chance.Fingers crossed tightly

  26. I would love to choose a new set of bedding and possibly some home furnishings like cushions

  27. I would put this towards a tread mill to keep fit and healthy and maybe loose a bit of weight

  28. I would buy some lovely bedding for our room. John Lewis have such lovely bedding to choose from!

  29. I’d put it towards a cordless vacuum as I’m fed up hauling my heavy vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs !

  30. A sumptuous treat for my mother in laws 90th birthday, which unfortunately we were not able to celebrate due to her self isolating.

  31. What a lovely prize, thanks for this. If I won I would love to buy some nice new bedding, thanks.

  32. I’d buy some new bedding. My son aged 15 wants a more grown up duvet rather than Spiderman!

  33. We’re about to renovate our bathroom, so some nice accessories – ceramic toothbrush holder and beaker, soap dish & bath board would be good!

  34. We’re about to renovate our bathroom, so some nice accessories – ceramic toothbrush holder and beaker, soap dish & bath board would be good!

  35. A new radio – so we can listen whilst playing in the garden while we’ll be home this summer!

  36. this would be perfect to go towards a new mattress I’m in desperate need of, you know it’s time to change your mattress when the springs are stabbing you lol

  37. I would love to buy my hubby some new headphones as it’s his birthday in 2 weeks as well as fathers day. Thanks for the chance ?

  38. I’d treat myself to a new duvet cover set, they’re really great quality from JL and I love the feel of fresh covers!

  39. We’re planning on doing up our lounge so it would probably go on new lighting or towards a new sofa.

  40. What I really NEED is a lamp…. But then I saw all that beautiful green crockery on your blog……

  41. 50 years of marriage has left me with no matching crockery. I’d love a set of matching dinner plates!

  42. I would give it to my best friend who has moved into her first home last year and still needs to furnish the spare room.

  43. I would buy some solar lights to put in the back garden, you can’t see much in the dark!!
    Thanks for a super giveaway x

  44. I’m in love with the green and leaf pattern table wear you featured in this blog post. So I would have to buy some of them if I were to win

  45. Although the kids would love to have a trampoline, we don’t have the room so I’d buy a lovely chair to sit outside.

  46. I would treat myself to a new dress. Lockdown has meant I’ve been able to shed over 3-stone, so a new wardrobe of slimmer clothes is required!

  47. I have several lovely things on my wish list – some garden lights and some bathroom storage boxes I have my eye on would be a real treat!

  48. I love the Epicurean Tropical Leaf Melamine Salad Plates, so would definitely buy some of them

  49. Awesome prize up for grabs. Would love something for the wee one for being an angel all through lock down.

  50. i have just had 2 back to bak pregnancies and not treated my self to any clothes in a long time so i think i would buy myself a nice outfit 🙂

  51. I really need a new microwave and I know John Lewis have a good selection so that’s what I would put a voucher towards.

  52. I’d buy new dinner plates. We had a bit of an accident here. A slip up on some olive oil spilled on the floor whilst carrying a stack of plates, and our kitchen floor looked like we’d just hosted a Greek wedding. I’d use the balance to buy my other half a pair of slippers. Seems so appropriate somehow.

  53. What to buy? That is not always easy to answer. Depends on stock / supplies available. Shops have been closed. It would be Wonderful to be able to get into stores again, view goods on sale / for sale.

    Needs :- We could be doing with a dinner set / service, and new cutlery. My fiancé seems to be so heavy handed / clumsy with these ‘necessities ‘. In reality he is partially sighted, and hard of hearing, as well as having arthritis in his hands ( possibly connected / linked to job he had worked at for decades).

    To be able to have these needs addressed would be nice. Likely good for our self esteem, etc. As when we can once again welcome visitors to our home. We would love to share refreshments, food and drinks, etc. So crockery and cutlery which is practical, useful and presentable at the dinner table, etc would be a great asset, and boost our health and wellbeing. As humans we are social creatures, family, friends, loved ones welcome.

  54. Some bits for redecorating and some nice new bedding for our new mates we got after years on a horrible one ?

  55. Love to get some nursery bedding for our 5 month old grandaughter maybe a night light for her as she transistions to her own bed

  56. My sister is turning 30 in 2 weeks, I miss her terribly as she’s stuck at home with a 1 year old. I would love to give her a nice food hamper as a treat as she’s looking quite thin from stress

  57. Would definitely spend this on bits for the garden where we are spending as much time in as we can at the moment #ourhaven

  58. I’d spend it wisely, using eking it out in the sales – I’d probably buy myself some crockery as I could do with some for my ‘bottom drawer’ and I love their other ‘home’ range items too.

  59. I will be moving in to my first home soon, and own no furtniture! So anything related to furnitures will do for me haha

  60. Like you, I love John Lewis, always so much to dream about and wish for! I love their garden cushions, so they would be a beautiful addition to our garden seating, adding comfort as well as style and colour.

  61. I would love to win this to buy something for my wedding. We should have married last week but had to postpone until next year due to Covid.

  62. We need loads of things for our home , would love to get a chair cover , and a book shelf for my daughters for a start 🙂

  63. Would love some wallpaper for a feature wall in our bedroom which we’re hoping to decorate soon! We’ve chosen yellow/grey theme

  64. some oven to tableware would be good as I’m so clumsy at the moment and keep dropping and breaking everything

  65. I am wanting to redecorate my bedroom from teal to pink so I would put it towards some curtains or bedding x

  66. Great prize, If I was to win I would visit John Lewis with my wife and let her spend the voucher on anything she wanted to buy for our holiday after lockdown.

  67. I’d love some new pans! I’ve been eyeing up John Lewis’ non-stick pans for a couple of years

  68. I would love to put this towards a laptop for my 11yr old son. He normally does little jobs to earn money however during lockdown he has been maintaining the garden of the elderly & those shielding in the community free of charge.

  69. I’d put it towards new throws and fluffy cushions for my lounge which we are about to decorate thanks for the chance so many lovely things

  70. I think I’d buy a coffee machine – I’ve really missed my proper coffee during lockdown!

  71. I would love to get a wipe clean tablecloth for when my granddaughter comes to visit in July. I can hardly wait as I haven’t seen her, or my daughter, for months.

  72. I’d put it towards a car seat for my son. He’s growing so fast and will soon need the next size up, I’d love the same one as my daughter but it was a small fortune and now I’m not working I think he will have to have the slightly less snazzy (but equally safe) one 🙂

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