Budget Tips For a Classy Looking Home

People all over the world take great pride in the homes they live in. This is a characteristic carried through many generations. Historically, having a well-equipped household represented safety and a place of peace. Although we live in different times today, we still value the importance of a welcoming, warm, safe, classy looking home.

For hundreds of years, expensive has often been seen as superior. While this isn’t always the case, this is a psychological trait that our society still holds today. People continue to spend large sums of money on expensive things that may not add any more value than a cheaper alternative. This is particularly true when it comes to our homes.

Luckily, perception is often truer than reality. There are cheap tricks and additions you can make to your home to make it look expensive and classy.

Invest in fabric

Pillows, throws, cushions, mats, and other soft material coverings and textiles are very expensive. 

A great way to save money on these items is to buy fabrics at a store and have a seamstress create your items. Look out for textiles that are partially damaged but have enough material to craft with.


Get creative with art

Unless you’re an art buff or have an interest in the industry, you’re unlikely to know the value of a painting. What most people do know is that art can be extremely costly.

Find an inexpensive piece of art that looks the part. The bigger, the better. You could even try painting your own canvas or have your kids work on an “abstract” idea.


Lay a large rug

Large rugs give off a spacious and expensive look and will work wonders in one of your fancier rooms. 

Most people opt for smaller rugs for a more proportionate look. However, all this does is visually shrink the room.


Decorate with antiques

Antiques are commonly associated with big money auctions and wealthy people. Although this association may have some truth, it does not paint the full picture. 

Antique fairs are full of different types of people and items. There are exceptional bargains to be found where people are actively seeking to get rid of some of their collections. 

If you don’t fancy travelling to a market or fair, buying antiques online is easy too. In the online shopping age, there is a myriad of beautiful antiques available online at discounted prices.


Update storage hardware

People get used to seeing things around their homes. You may not notice that your dresser, cabinets, or pantry door hardware are tacky or old looking. 

Installing new hardware on such items can add polish and class to a room. 


Add a touch of gold

Gold has tremendous value and is a common theme of many expensive houses. 

Spray painting household accessories such as picture frames or candle holders can give off a glamorous look and feel. 

However, overdoing gold spray paint can look tacky. Use your interior design skills and find the right balance. 


Remove clutter

Your home will look far classier and much more valuable if it is clean and tidy. De-clutter any rooms that need it, and store excess items in your basement, attic, or garage. 



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