How to Make a Small Living Room Appear Bigger

When you bought the home, you loved the layout, but over time you’ve realized that the living room isn’t spacious. If that’s the case, then make a small living room seem bigger by using these secrets. It’s a lot more affordable than knocking down walls.

Remove Furnishings

A great way to make a space feel bigger is to take out furniture and decor that is making it look cluttered. By opening up space on shelves and entire areas of the room, you’ll immediately make it look larger than it was before.

If you’d rather than part with the furniture, don’t feel obligated to sell or donate it. Instead, put the possessions into secure storage in Peterborough to keep your home tidy.

Hang a Mirror

Another clever move is to put up a mirror and angle it toward the room’s focal point, such as a fireplace. Doing so will create a feeling of depth so the room seems larger than without this item on the wall.

Another way a mirror helps improve the home is by reflecting light – both natural rays beaming through the window and artificial ceiling light – to help brighten up the living room. The light goes deep into the room, so it looks like a significant area in size.

Use Large Decor

Rather than arranging small decor items along shelves and other surfaces, choose one or two large decorations instead. The large scale of the vase, candle holder, figurine, or other things will help enlarge the feeling of the room.

That’s as opposed to several small things across the room. The look also appears clean rather than cluttered.

Remove Rugs

While rugs add warmth under the feet, they cover the floor, so it looks smaller than without it. A rug underneath a coffee table, for example, reduces the size of an already small living space.

If you do still want rugs, don’t worry, there’s a solution. Choose ones that are a solid color or have a simple pattern rather than being very ornate. That way, the eye isn’t immediately drawn to them, but instead, they blend into the room.

Update Light Fittings

The lamps and ceiling light can make a room look small or do quite the opposite. Select white lampshades rather than dark ones, or even a clear shade on the lamp so that light can pass through it.

Also, a flush-mount ceiling light or one that is semi-flush is a good choice as it will draw attention to the ceiling and open up the space. There are many styles, from rustic to contemporary, to suit the style of your living room. Colored glass is also a big lighting trend for living rooms.

Final Words on Living Rooms

This place is where you go to relax after a tough office day or to spend time with the kids, so make sure it’s a comfortable place from a design perspective. Helping to make it more attractive and larger than it seemed before will help you fully relax there, making the most of your home.


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