John Lewis Homeware Collections Autumn 16 and WIN! A £100 John Lewis Gift Card



Now that we’re only 3 weeks from moving into our new house, my interiors-raddled brain has reached fever pitch and I can’t wait to get my hands on our new home and get started on making it our own. I’ve been pinning, bookmarking and furiously scribbling notes of all the wonderful potential looks and finds that might make the cut in our new place. I feel quite giddy *over dramatic emoji needed* with the excitement (and possibly, stress) of it all.

Just don’t talk to me about packing, okay?

Right now I’m adoring the Autumn home collections that John Lewis has in store and online right now- so many are up my street. 

From their calm ‘Croft Collection’ with saturated blues and natural materials, to their ‘Scandi’ collection, full mid-century inspired gems, there is oh-so-much here that I’m loving. 



My personal favourite is the ‘Fusion’, combining eclectic global influences and metals, wicker and wood, which is just the sort of look that I think we want to largely achieve in our new home. 


So much to LOVE! 

So you too can update your home with some key pieces from one of John Lewis’ home collections, I’m giving one lucky reader the chance to win a £100 John Lewis Gift Card on my blog today.

All you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter below, using as many of the options as you’d like.

Good Luck!

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The terms and conditions:

You must be a UK resident to be eligible for this competition. This prize a £100 John Lewis gift card, no cash alternatives to the stated prize will be offered; Entrants must be 18 years and over. Competition ends midnight on Sunday 30th October 2016. Winners will be notified within 5 working days.

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478 thoughts on “John Lewis Homeware Collections Autumn 16 and WIN! A £100 John Lewis Gift Card”

  1. Love the Scandi collection. I am currently learning Swedish so this collection is just amazing for me. The clean lines it has and a little bit of colour it will look lovely in my house.

  2. My favourite is the Design Project, I love all the pieces and colours – it’s the right blend of modern and style that I love thanks

  3. I really like the Fusion collection. We are moving house in a couple of weeks and I’ll be using that collection for inspiration!

  4. I love the Scandi’ collection because I prefer lighter wood and think greys, yellows and tans look lovely together!

  5. I love the Croft Collection as it really gels with the furniture/ furnishing we have in our home. Would love to get my fingers on the Croft Collection Montrose Sideboard – gorgeous!! xx

  6. I’m with you and love the Fusion collection, I love the mix of using different materials and textures with the metal, wooden and wicker features – just lovely!

  7. I love John Lewis home, the quality and style is always so modern yet classic, I’d love to buy whatever I like one day!

  8. I love the Relaxed Country, loving the patterns and the pops of colours gives a really cosy country but modern feel!

  9. Love the Fusion collection. Great colours, and something a bit different to the normal livingroom textures and setting.

  10. i really love the John Lewis Croft Kingsley Glass and Wire Table Lamp, Clear, its so elegant would look stunning on a small side table!

  11. I like the Croft Collection, apart from matching the colours in my bedroom at the moment, I like the natural tones and woods too. Its a bit annoying though that when clicking on the Croft picture for the living room the coffee table/nest of tables isn’t featured and I can’t find it on their site

  12. If my house looked like the pictures for the John Lewis Scandi collection I don’t think I’d ever step foot out the door! So beautiful 🙂

  13. My preference is the ‘House’ collection by John Lewis. They’re well thought out quality products, which would suit most homes. Colours are wide and varied, and would suit our home perfectly. Prices not too expensive either!

  14. I really like the ‘Croft Collection, as it looks peaceful and would look perfect in my home. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  15. I LOVE the John Lewis Knitted Waves Throw from The Croft Collection, It just makes me want to snuggle on the couch !!

  16. I’m another fan of the Scandi collection. We’ve not long moved into a newly built flat and it’s a blank canvas, I like the simplistic feel to this collection

  17. I adore the house by John Lewis collection wow! Just moved out into a new home and due my first baby soon £100 john lewis voucher would be sooo helpful so i can decorate my babies room. I found out that I was pregnant very late along, I am young very inexperienced, scared and unprepared! this would deffo come in oh so useful! thank you for the chance <3 xxx Courtney xxx

  18. Relaxed Country is my favourite. Unfortunately Fusion isn’t loading anything up but that collection looks lovely too.
    What I loved about Relaxed Country is that it is bold and colourful yet has an outstanding vintage and soft vibe to it. Those pieces would look perfect in my house, as I live in a cottage.

  19. The Relaxed Country is my favourite and the John Lewis Lily Ceiling Light, 3 Arm, Ivory would look great in my bedroom

  20. Oh man, I’m pretty sure that John and I are in John Lewis nearly every. single. weekend. I’m surprise the Stratford staff don’t know us by name/face by now! I got their catalogue recently as it came along with an issue of Elle Decoration and I really liked the Croft Collection – they have such nice things in atm! xx

  21. The fusion, we have a lot of metals in our home and how can you not love a bit of wicker especially when it comes to storage!

  22. I really like the Scandi collection. It has a lot of yellows and greys, and I love that combination of colours.

  23. Hmmm….. tough to choose my favourite! We rent our house (sigh) and so I really heavily on textiles to inject a bit of personality and colour. Browsing through I’ve just fallen head over heels with some of their Relaxed Country stuff, which surprised me a bit as I thought I’d chose sleek scandi style over William Morris prints. But it’s autumn and I’m craving snuggly wool throws and tweed!

  24. Absolutely adore the Scandi collection because of the light wood furniture and the gorgeous colour of the sofa

  25. I love the scandi collection because I just love the use of grey in interior styling! It’s clean, calm and chic!

  26. I love the croft collection, so simple, light and delicate, exactly how I would like to style the rooms in my house!

  27. I love the Croft collection, even though there are a lot of blue tones it still has a warm homely feel. I may well use some of these ideas and bring them together when I move into my new home.

  28. It’s a hard choice, but I’ve got to go with the Croft Collection. I love the combination of soft neutrals (especially grays) and blues. It reminds me of my wedding.

  29. ABSOLUTELY the Fusion collection; we’ve just moved into a house with a lot more natural light so muter colours will stand out more and darker hues won’t drain colour from the room. This is an amazing collection to discover, we have a lot of trinkets from our travels that just don’t blend in with everyday furnishings. I want everything in dark grain wood now!

  30. The scandi collection is amazing!
    Love the colours and patterns, loving the triangles throw in spruce, looks so snuggly for a/w 🙂

  31. I like the FUSION as I have already a similar style in my house there are some lovely things in this collection

  32. Boutique Hotel is my favourite I’m probably swayed slightly as it features teal which is my favourite colour but I also like all the silver and statement pieces

  33. The Croft Collection for its tranquility! I love how clean and timeless the designs are, also the ingenious Croft 6 Bottle Caddy with Rope Handles, which would look perfect in my industrial themed kitchen.

  34. The fusion collection. In need of some cushions for my lovely new sofa which is already covered in chocolate from the kids!

  35. Fabulous giveaway. I love the Fusion collection too. Our house is such a hodgepodge of styles. Many items from this collection would just pull it all together. I especially love all the copper and brass accessories. And I am in love with those Aztec vases. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  36. I am not sure I can pick one, I love the lines form the Scandi collection but House also has such a lovely retro vibe that I love to have in my home.

  37. I love the Scandi’ collection because of the pale wood colour’s & the lovely coloured sofa ???? x

  38. I love the Croft Collection, I’m loving the idea of bring the feeling of calm into my life & and wild landscapes

  39. My favourite is also the Fusion collection. It has a modern bohemian feel that I aspire to achieve in my own home and there are some lovely quirky pieces in the collection – the Navajo Rug and the Owl Tealight Holder both caught my attention! 🙂

  40. I love the scani collection, I really aspire to a minimal clean look in my house. It’s tricky to achieve with children, but this collection enables you to pick pieces that will blend in with your existing decor.

  41. I have always loved William Morris Arts and Crafts inspired themes and so am very attracted to the Relaxed Country Collection.

  42. Love the Scandi collection. Bright & quirky:) moving home in January and would love any of the collection!

  43. Leonhard Pfeifer for John Lewis Croyde 6 Seater Drop Leaf Folding Dining Table

    Ours is falling apart

  44. I like the fusion collection because of the lovely patterns and colours, especially I like the Native Weave Lined Eyelet Curtains

  45. I am absolutely loving the Scandi collection I love the style of the products and the light effect very pretty!

  46. Boutique hotel, we just bought our first house…a victorian semi and this collection would be right at home against it’s features!

  47. Love the John Lewis Croft Collection. The Montrose Sideboard is so gorgeous. Love the all white it really refresh a room.

  48. Relaxed Country is my favourite. I’ve always loved arts and crafts and the colours and patterns are right up my street.

  49. I love the Scandi’ collection be cause lighter wood doesn’t show up the dust as much and makes a room look brighter

  50. The Grayson Storage Side Table. I love the shape, it reminds me of my Grandma’s sewing table (in a good way).

  51. The Scandi collection is great because of the natural, neutral colours – each item goes with anything you might already have, so you spend less time and effort having to mix and match. Love it.

  52. I love the Croft collection, would look just as good in a country cottage or a house in a seaside village, both of which are my dream homes.

  53. The Fusion Collection is my fave, particularly the John Lewis Meeko Pom Pom Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set – so utterly stylish and cool, I won’t want to ever get out of bed again!

  54. I love the Scandi’ collection as our whole house is calm neutral whites and creams with light oak and lots of books

  55. I like the fusion collection – it would fit in with all the odds and ends I have seemed to pick up on my travels!

  56. While I do like the quirkiness of the Skandi Collection, my favourite has to be Croft with it’s light, calming neutrals 🙂

  57. It is difficult to decide between the Croft or Skandi collections but I think the Croft just has the edge.

  58. I love boutique hotel, I’ve been trying to think about ways to make our home feel more like a hotel, it would be easier to relax and a lot easier to clean without all the clutter.

  59. I absolutely love their Croft Collection. Such lovely calming colours – Perfect suit for my house. xxx

  60. I am loving the Croft collection as I have just re painted my lounge in calm and natural colours and this collection would look amazing in my lounge and dining room

  61. Fusion is my favourite, a bit of whatever you like. I don’t like things too matchy matchy. Suits some people, but I’m more Victorian Gothic eclectic, so John Lewis’ Fusion lets me update things my way.

  62. I love the Croft collection as it’s all so clean and simple. I love it! Especially the John Lewis Croft Collection Grasses Table Lamp – beautiful!

  63. Fusion really catches my eye, as it really is just that, a fusion of all different influences. I can see nods to everything from Scandinavian to Native Indian, Art Deco to Moroccan. Its ecliptic, very much like my taste!

  64. Loving the Scandi Collection As its Modern but Quirky At the same time! Love all the Colours & Patterns!

  65. Boutique Hotel is my favourite because it looks luxurious and cosy at the same time, the colours are pleasant and not too dark like the others.

  66. I like the Boutique Hotel collection, because I love a little luxury at home, especially this time of year when I’m spending more time indoors becuase it’s so grey outside.

  67. Oh, dear! I couldn’t possibly choose one as their ranges are all so utterly fabulous. I could spend serious money on items from .all of them. However, if entry is based on choosing just one, I would say Fusion because it’s for people like me who like everything so can’t decide.

  68. I really like the Fusion collection. We are moving house in a couple of weeks and I’ll be using that collection for inspiration!

  69. My favourite is definitely the hotel boutique collection because I love a bit of luxury and think that pretty much every item would look divine in my home! 🙂 x

  70. I like the Scandi colection, I like the grey tones and especially the sheepskin rug which looks so soft

  71. I like the Croft Collection. We have quite a lot of decorative items we’ve picked up over the years, so I’d want furniture that is unfussy so my collectibles stand out

  72. I love the Scandi Collection – the colours are fab and would fit it lovely with my living room design 🙂

  73. House by John Lewis is my type of thing. It’s calm and relaxing but stands out all at the same time.

  74. The Croft collection is definitely my favourite, love the natural tones and the classic & contemporary merge

  75. I love the Scandi collection because I love the clean lighter wood, it is fresh and stylish and my kind of furniture

  76. I love the ” John Lewis Jacques Tripod Floor Lamp, Grey ” – I’m into photography and practical in camera lights like this really make a composition lovely!

  77. I didn’t think I would, but for me, I like the Boutique Hotel range the most. It doesn’t seem to be a popular choice, but then when it comes to design taste, I usually find myself in the minority

  78. It’s Relaxed Country for me. I love the William Morris ideal: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” I think this collection is beautiful.

  79. I love the Croft collection, but in particular i love the John Lewis Croft Kingsley Glass and Wire Table Lamp, Clear. Its so classy and stylish, I adore the base would awesome on the coffee table.

  80. The Scandi collection is my favourite from the John Lewis Autumn 16 Collection – I particularly love the vibrant mustard and yellows in the collection and the oak furniture range.

  81. Croft Collection is my favourite. I love the saturated blues and natural materials, perfect for our bedroom.

  82. I love the Scandi collection – Great patterns and colour ! The furniture would fit so well in my house – Some great designs !

  83. I absolutely love the Scandi collection, the light colours and would match perfectly in our home. Thank you for the chance to win xx

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