Enjoy an all-inclusive short stay with ‘Great Little Breaks’

great-little-breaks-telfordNow that we’re well into the ‘back to school’ swing of things- early mornings, school runs, homework, clubs et al, the summer holidays and our trips away seem like a distant memory. Whilst I love the ‘fresh start’ that September seems to bring (it’s definitely my ‘new year’ and not January!), I really love and need to plan our next adventures in order to stay looking forward and motivated (I’m clearly a dangling carrot kinda girl). 

When Adam and I got together, and once we’d had the children, we decided to write a mini travel ‘bucket list’ for each year, with a potential list of things we wanted to do and places to visit. Our list usually now includes 1 ‘sun holiday’ destination, 1 European mini break, 1 dream destination, and a few UK mini breaks, with and without the children. That might seem extravagant, and we haven’t managed to achieve everything on our list each year, but I think it’s always lovely to have a travel goal to aim for! 


Now that Freddie and Sasha are older, Ad and I are able to go away as a couple more often (thank you, Grandparents!), and there are several places that I’d love us to go together and have a couple of nights of luxury.

Step forward, Great Little Breaks

I was asked to have a look at their website the other day and check out their all-inclusive UK mini break packages, and what a great idea they are too. Often when it comes to have a night or two away, you have to sort the hotel, dinner out and activities eg spa separately, which can be okay, but can also mean that the cost of doing everything you want to do all adds up. 

On the Great Little Breaks site there are so many fab short stay packages to choose from, an example of which is the Corse Lawn House Hotel, nestled in the heart of Gloucestershire. From £89.50 per person, you get an overnight stay at Corse Lawn, an award-winning a la carte dinner, and full English breakfast in the morning. 


What’s not to love?!

I’m still having a good old nose on the website and considering a stay somewhere closer to home for my birthday in November.

Let’s get planning!


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