Things that have made me happy this past month


I’ve written several posts in the past about certain things that have made me happy in any given week, the little things to cherish and be grateful for, and I always love seeing them on ‘paper’ (this counts as paper, right?!) to remind myself of happy times, especially if I’ve had a tough day or have been in a bit of a grump.

This past month has been a great one, I think our family has really thrived getting back into more of a routine since school started/preschool began again. I loved having them around in the holidays, but by the beginning of September we were all ready to crack on with the usual regime! I’ve felt great the past few weeks- The children have settled into school/preschool brilliantly, I’ve been fortunate to get some decent blog work, plus I’ve joined a gym (more on that in a bit) that has been a positive step in terms of getting me fitter, something I’ve been wanting and needed to do for aaaages.

Talking of positive, I’ve read a couple of cracking blog posts the past couple of days that have focused on just that. Jess wrote about being positive about parenting, which I loved, and via Jess I saw that Fritha wrote the other month about being positive and having a positive outlook in day-to-day life. Both touched on something that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, about how my day and mood affects our family life, and how I’m trying not to let little things put me in a ratty mood. Whilst I’m definitely overall a happy, glass half full person, I’ve definitely found the last few months that when I’ve been moody it really does impact on the children. Jess hit the nail on the head when she says that she reckons that 99% of the time, children’s behaviour and how it’s managed is down to us, and I’m inclined to agree. Being more positive has certainly made parenting easier in our house.

So I can conclude that cheery is good, people! (I will come back to this post when I’ve had a shitty day, and remind myself of this 😉 )

Anyway, these are some of the things, big and small, that have made me happy this past month:

1. Freddie absolutely LOVES his new school. He is thriving, and really enjoying it (especially the school dinners, apparently!). We knew he was ready, but it does make you breathe a big sigh of relief when they like where they’re going to going for the best part of 5 days a week.

2. Sasha has settled back into preschool much better than expected, no clingyness or tears at all. I was worried how she was going to be without her brother by her side, but I actually think it’s been a good thing. She’s formed closer friendships in her own right, and is always delighted to see her teachers and friends. Happy days!

3. Experimenting more with cooking and baking. Adam and I love our food, but we’d got stuck in a rut having the same old salads and stir frys. This past month has seen more curries, Jambalaya and pies cooked from scratch, along with baking a tasty coffee and pecan cake with the children.

4. Sorting more of the house out, including what will be (hopefully soon!) the new office. I’ve cleared this space, and now just need to find the perfect desk and storage system for all my crafty bits. So satisfying!

5. Buying munchkin pumpkins and Autumn-scented candles for the home- I ADORE this season, making our home all cosy, and the fact that it’s just a sleigh-ride to Christmas 😉

6. Joining the gym. I used to belong to a gym up until Freddie was a baby and I became pregnant with Sasha, and that’s when I QUIT THE GYM, Chandler-from-Friends-stylee i.e. belonged but never went, and finally actually did quit. Now I’m fortunate that I have more time, what with F being at school and S at preschool, and I’ve carved out an hour three mornings a week to get fit. I’m a classes girl, as I need someone there to motivate me, and so far am enjoying Zumba, Body Combat and Spin, and boy do I feel bloody brilliant for it! It’s not just the getting in shape aspect, but the fact I’m just buzzing afterwards. Exercise really does give you a natural high. Long may the endorphins run free in my body!

7. Picking the last of the runner beans and tomatoes- they’ve been the gift that’s kept on giving this summer!

8. Freddie starting football club, and Sasha starting ballet. They’re both things they wanted to do, and it’s lovely seeing them gain confidence and blossom in new areas. Freddie will be even more sorted if he stops watching planes mid-training session 😉 Also, high five to our little lady, who can now do a width of the pool on her own without stopping, using just the floats- big moment that was! They are so happy, and confident right now, it’s a joy to see.

9. The fact that Downtown Abbey has started again. I realise that makes me a huge saddo, but I don’t care. In front of the telly, with my husband and a cuppa= bliss.

10. Having an ace time at The MAD Blog Awards. I was a finalist in the ‘Best Home and Interiors Blog’ category, and even though I didn’t win (the lovely Kerry from ‘Oh So Amelia’ was the well-deserved winner), it was a lovely night out despite having perhaps had a bit too much to drink, whoops!

and finally….

11. Some great, soul soothing nights out with friends/lunches with family. Always does you good to spend time with the best people!

I’m sure there’s more, but these are what’s tickled my pickle this past month!

What has made you happy lately?



  1. October 6, 2015 / 7:14 am

    Sounds like September was an awesome month lovely! Must be so nice that both the kids are happy at school/PS. Now you haveots of time on your hands you’ll have to start thinking about #3 😉 Can’t wait to catch up! Are you going to Blog Camp next week? xxx

  2. October 7, 2015 / 8:42 pm

    Thanks so much for mentioning me 🙂 I wasn’t sure how the post would go down but it’s been my most popular to date and thankfully I’ve only had one negative comment, I was expecting way more! I lope that top photo, so lovely 🙂 x

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