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Since having children, my ideas of what constitutes a cracking holiday have broadened somewhat. Gone are the days where I’d simply want to somewhere hot to lounge about with banging night life- now I’ve realised that I am super-flexible when it comes to thinking about our holidays. As long everyone is happy and catered for and can spend some quality time together, then I’m sold! 

On my travel bucket list since having children is going on a cruise, as I can’t think of a better way to have all the facilities you need on tap (especially with little ones in tow), whilst getting to see the world. My ideal kind of cruise combines entertainment, a chance to sit by the pool (or more likely now, play IN the pool), as well as some sightseeing. Our children are used to spending time in various cities visiting iconic places, and I think it’s important for them to learn that everyone in the family gets to have a turn at choosing what they want to do. 

Variety is the spice of life as they say! 

Almost exactly a year ago, the four of us hotfooted it to Disneyland Paris, and I can honestly say it was one of our best trips ever, and a trip that Freddie and Sasha still talk about it now. I loved Disney as a child, and still do to be honest, so we are definitely a family open to the magic of Disney and to share in our little ones delight. 

So imagine MY delight when I realised that IGLU Cruise offer fantastic Disney Cruises to a variety of European destinations.

Cruising and Disney- what’s not to love?!

Disney Cruise Line allows every family member the chance to experience spectacular Disney entertainment
and unrivaled relaxation, all whilst enjoying unique destinations around Europe. Some sailings also include FROZEN theme events (which S would certainly love!), and the cruise route I’m eyeing up is the Norwegian Fjords and Iceland since I have always wanted to visit the latter. 

Once our little ones arrives in June, I’m looking forward to planning our future holidays as a family of 5, and going on a cruise is definitely on top of the list.

Have you been on a cruise? Or even a Disney Cruise? Where did you sail to? I’d love to know!


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