An Adventurous Child’s Gift List

I hold my hands up that since becoming a parent, and possibly because of this, I’ve definitely become more cautious with the risks that I take and the out-of-home pursuits that I do. Which makes me a little wistful sometimes when I think of all the things I used to love doing when I was younger- cross country horse riding, roller blading, backpacking through Thailand on holiday, skiing and snowboarding….the list goes on.

I’ve promised myself that at some point I’m going to embrace that outdoor pursuits lifestyle once more and show the children that it’s okay to be brave and daring, even when you’re a ‘proper’ grown up! I’d like them to feel that they too can give all manner of adventurous sports and activities a go, and gain a real sense of achievement and adrenaline rush from them.

So with this in mind I’ve put together a little Christmas wishlist for a budding little adventurer…untitled-design-12

  1. Molo Junior Snowsuit
  2. Sorel Snowboots
  3. Champion Junior X Air Plus Riding Hat
  4. Bladerunner Phoenix Kids adjustable inline skates from Proline
  5. Original Real Den Building Adventure Kit
  6. Burtons Kids Chopper Snowboard
  7. Snorkel set – Speedo
  8. Ski Jacket – Boden

Are you adventurous? Do your children like any of the more extreme sports?!


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