A Vintage Winter Wardrobe with Rokit


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One of the things I liked to do most pre-children and when I was living in more central London was trawl the vintage clothes shops, looking to that perfect buy that would update my wardrobe and leave a smile on my face for days.

There’s something about hunting for (and finding) something that nobody else will be wearing that is ridiculously exciting and hugely satisfying (I know, I’m easily pleased!). Now that it’s no longer as easy for me to spend my weekends clothes shopping *sad face*, I tend to do much of it online, and that’s why I absolutely LOVE the fact that one of my favourite vintage shops, Rokit, has a website where I can browse the best of vintage clothing at my leisure!

Having began as a market stall in Camden 30 years ago, Rokit has now grown to have 4 stores across London. At Rokit, items are hand picked for style conscious, environmentally aware vintage lovers. The range includes pieces dating from the Thirties up to the Nineties taking in every trend from every decade in between. I love that so many trends are now revived, including bomber jackets that are still so popular

Just my kind of place!

I’ve put together my favourite pieces from the website to take me through this winter- let me know what you think!

  1. 80s black and gold embellished playsuit – £35
  2.  60s pointer dark blue Dungarees – £85
  3. Disty playsuit – £35
  4. 80s Jaeger purple midi skirt – £45
  5. 80s patterned jumper – £30
  6. Green Adidas Bomber – £55
  7. 50s evening coat – £125
  8. Blue wool overcoat – £275
  9. Adidas sweatshirt – £35
  10. 90s red ski jacket – £45 

Do you like to go vintage when clothes shopping?


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