8 Things not to forget on your Camping Trip*

Connecting with nature, sleeping outside and eating food cooked over a campfire are things we cherish more and more as we age. What we don’t cherish, however, are those moments when we forget to bring camping essentials. But don’t worry! Carhartt have a list of the things most frequently forgotten (and needed) during a camping adventure.

 First Aid Kit

Accidents happen to the best of us. A trip here, a burn there. You never know what could happen to you out on the trails. Be sure to take a first aid kit fully stocked with bandages, ointments, gauze, anti-itch and burn creams, anti-gas, anti-diarrhea and antacids, tweezers and other necessities. Also, it’s a good idea to pack a sewing kit with your first aid kit. Nothing is worse than a hole in your tent.

 Kindling and Matches

Yes, of course, you can get kindling in the woods. But it’s also easy to bring your own, like dryer lint stuffed into an empty toilet paper roll. Also, unless you want to bang two rocks together, don’t forget to bring something to light the fire. Matches and lighters are essential for your camping trip, yet are some of the easiest items to forget. 

 Maps and Compass

We all have become rather reliant on technology to get us where we need to go. While there’s nothing wrong with using a GPS, there’s a chance that your device will die. That means you need to be prepared to navigate with a map and compass if the situation becomes dire.

 Pocket Knife

You can get fancy with a Swiss Army knife, but a regular pocket knife can do the trick when you need it. Plus, it takes up almost no space in your pack (or pocket).

 Flashlight with Extra Batteries

Yes, you will need a flashlight, and yes, you will probably need extra batteries at some point. We recommend packing an extra flashlight and batteries in your pack just in case of emergencies or accidents.

 Extra Socks

Wet or cold feet will ruin your trip. Whether you accidentally step into a water hole or you’re camping in the dead of winter, having a few extra pairs of socks, like the high-quality options made by Carhartt, will be lifesavers. Comfortable toes are the best toes.

 Bug Spray and Sunscreen

It is crucial for you to protect your skin when planning to be outdoors for an extended period. Coat yourself in a layer of sunscreen and bug spray. This extra step can help protect against skin cancer and diseases transmitted by mosquitos.


It can be easy to remember drinking water for your journey, but many people don’t factor in the clean water needed for brushing teeth or rinsing off dishes. Plus, you don’t realize how much water you will need when you are sweating through your clothes. It’s wise to double or even triple the amount of water you think you will need for your trip.

Fun Stuff!

When camping you’ll want to enjoy yourself and have some fun activities lined up, whether that’s hiking, kayaking or fishing to name but a few. Globosurfer.com is a great online shop to invest in all your outdoor activity gear! 



Can you think of anything else you might need for a happy camping trip? Let me know!


*Guest post in collaboration with Carhartt


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