Half Term Tennis Fun!

This half term holiday, one of the activities the children begged to do was a longer half ‘day’ tennis camp, run by the same team who host their weekly lesson. Freddie and Sasha have been taking part in weekly tennis lessons after school since September, and even in the rain and bitter cold, they continue to love them! At 4 and just-turned-6, I was worried that they might be a little young to start, but the classes are with other children of a similar age, and after pleading to have their own tennis rackets, good old Decathlon stepped in with two little, lightweight tennis rackets of their own.

The children have been delighted with them, and have been using them for the past two months. After some decent wear now, I feel confident letting those with mini tennis enthusiasts know that the rackets are actually built to last, despite some heavy use and the er, odd time of missing the ball and smashing the floor instead! 

I love the fact that they both love tennis so much, when other activities have come and gone (hello, ballet), and I often remind them that if they enjoy it even in bad weather, they will adore it come summer. I can’t wait for post-lesson evening picnics at the club with friends!

As a parent I’m wary of filling too much of their time with activities, but both F and S are very lively, active children who need ‘exercising’ (totally on board here with the theory that small children are like puppies). They don’t appear to be too tired, even with football, gymnastics and swimming in the mix, so with that in mind I’m more than happy for them to continue. 

Freddie is actually a pretty good little tennis player now, and whilst Sasha still needs a fair bit of help to actually hit the ball, both really enjoy the ball skills activities and fun games that they play every week. 

Needless to say, I’m pretty proud of them both when watching them on the court! 

Do your children have a favourite sport?


*In collaboration with Decathlon


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